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Meet our PAFA board members and special program coordinators for the 2015-2016 school year. Everyone in the SCIS community is welcome to attend all meetings, and we always welcome parents to help plan and manage our annual events and fundraisers.


Executive Committee Name email address
Vice President
Events Coordinator
Food Coordinator
Communications Coordinator
Board Members Name email address
Booster Club
Swim Team Chair    
Nursery/PS RP-Hunt Qi Mo
Nursery/PS RP-Hinds Jing Yang
  Juliana Bresciane
  Mila Taylor
Pre-K – Putman Alice Zhang
  Crystal Sun
  Anu Bali
Pre-K – Moss    
Kindergarten – Luebbe Katja Gram
Kindergarten – Goff Fei Zhou
Grade 1 – Paltos Claudia Corres
  Carla Prior
Grade 1 – Myers Mila Taylor
  Petra Ihrskog
Grade 2 – McCabe Mila Taylor
  Leanne Yuan
Grade 2 – Goff Katie Berkaw
  Ellen Marie Skar
Grade 3 – Johnson Alexander Ormond
Grade 4 – Kelly Katie Berkaw
  Nikki Schultz
Grade 4 – Zerr Andrea Gerou
Grade 5 – Peterson Meilia Rohne
Grade 5 – Clodfelter Lourdes Hernandez
Grade 6 Katie Berkaw
  Therese Malmgren
Grade 7 Nikki Schultz
Grade 8 Roshni Sahgal
Grade 9 Molly Larew
  Sandra Machan
Grade 10 Trish Castillo
  Kendra Wolski
Grade 11 Nancy Yen
  Jude Barrett
Grade 12 Ronni Rowland
  Weili Vlas
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