Executive Board Bios

Meet our PAFA Executive Board members for the 2016-2017 school year. Everyone in the SCIS community is welcome to attend all meetings, and we always welcome parents to help plan and manage our annual events and fundraisers.


Trish Castillotrish

Trish is an American from sunny California. Trish and her husband plus their three kids; Alex in 10th grade, Julianne in 8th grade and Sarah in 6rd grade, moved to Shanghai in the summer of 2012. This is their second expat assignment, previously they lived in Tokyo, Japan from 2008 to 2011. Trish loves being a Shanghai Tai Tai, and works hard at mastering this new lifestyle. She is minoring in Pilates, spin class, yoga, playing tennis and volunteering for PAFA. With an intense focus on her Tai Tai lunches and shopping, she is embracing all that Shanghai can offer!!!


Preeti Shah

Vice Presidentpreeti

Preeti is from Gujarat, the Western part of India. She has two kids in SCIS, the oldest one Vaishvi in grade 6 and the younger one Kavish is in grade 4. She has lived in China for the past 10 years with her husband and kids. Before she was in Shanghai she lived in Tianjin, China for the past 9 years. Her kids grew up in China. She was an active member of PFO at Tianjin School. This is her first year in SCIS, she is overwhelmed by welcoming of the school community and that’s encouraged her to join PAFA. Preeti is an Entrepreneur and her passions are to socialize, music and learn new languages. She studied the Chinese language and knows it very well, she feels that this is a big asset of her staying in China. She loves to cook for her family and friends. She feels China is second home for her.

She believes that ..”Life is beautiful anywhere if you are happy and safe “


weiliWeili Vlas

Weili grew up in Taiwan, she is married to a Dutchman, Arnold, and has twins in 12th grade, daughter Maayke and son Wouter.  Before arriving in Shanghai in 2005 they lived in Holland, Hong Kong, Singapore and Munich.  Weili feels fortunate to have her children at SCIS Pudong since 1st grade as well as to have active involvement in PAFA.  While Chinese herself, she still feels foreign in Shanghai.  Over 20 years of expat life have taught her that “home is where the heart is”.


sandraSandra Machan

Sandra is from Calgary, Canada, home of “The Greatest Show on Earth”. She and her husband, Ron, have three children, Waverly in university (an SCIS alumni), Emily in grade 12 and Callum in grade 9. She is an active member of PAFA since the day the children started at SCIS in 2005. Besides her dedication to PAFA, she is a wanna be foodie and has a penchant for traveling, eating, and taking photos of food.


judeJude Barrett
Events Coordinator

Jude grew-up surrounded by plush green hills and the sweet air in Pennsylvania, loves cooking and entertaining for friends and family when she turns the key to her home in PA during Christmas and summer— and loves doing the same here in China. –“All are welcome at her table.” Her son, Joseph, 11th grader, loves rugby, swimming, water polo, working as a lifeguard, photography, drawing comics and laughing with his two brothers: ages 29 and 22. Jude has been overseas since 1994 living in Auckland, New Zealand; Repulse Bay, Hong Kong; Gubei and Jinqiao, Pudong Shanghai in which she has worked as a music director in each country and is presently the music director and Emmaus Sister at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church, works closely with C.A.R.I.T.A.S. , volunteers at Lianyang Community Service Center and Lingshan Kindergarten. “Where there is music…there is happiness.” She is humbly dedicated to serving the parents, children and people of China—‘Home’ to me are the people who make life a blessing.”


meganMegan Condon
Lower School Coordinator

Megan grew up in Rhode Island on the east coast of the United States. She and her husband Andrew moved to Shanghai in 2015 along with their two children, Rebekkah (5th grade) and Tucker (2nd grade). She previously worked as a Clinical Dietitian and is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. Megan is also the Girl Scout leader at SCIS Pudong, having established a new troop here last year.


Lourdes Hernandez
Middle School CoordinatorLourdes

Lourdes is Peruvian. She moved to Shanghai last year with her husband and their two children after living in Buenos Aires for 8 years. They experienced a smooth transition, even though they were coming from a country and a school they knew were going to be very difficult to be topped.  However and despite the evident differences between the two countries, they found a welcoming city, full of new things to experience and an even more welcoming school where her kids felt part of it very fast.  Now after a year has passed, she reflects on the positive effects of the sense of closeness and community within the school. As a member of PAFA, this is something she would like to help encourage for new families at school.



Nancy Yen
High School Coordinatornancy

Nancy was born in Taiwan and grew up in Oregon, United States.  She has one child, Owen, in 11th grade.  Shanghai is the 2nd city she lived in China, Beijing being her family’s first assignment.  Before moving to China, she has lived in Silicon Valley, Seattle, and Vancouver, Canada.  Thus far, she has enjoyed Shanghai and meeting the great parents of SCIS.


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