Each year, PAFA plays an important role in planning annual events such as Bingo Night and Art Auction. In addition, PAFA fundraisers support numerous school activities and equipment purchases.

Upper School PAFA Achievements

Yearly Events:

Welcome Back BBQ
Bingo Night
Art Auction

Yearly Support/Sponsor:

High School Student Council events – HS Lock-in, Java Jam
Middle School Student Council events – MS Halloween Dance,  MS Lock-in
Interact – The Giving tree
Grade 8 “Moving on” Party
Senior Graduation – Party and Luncheon
Teacher Appreciation Day
Parent Info Talks
School Performances (plays, spring/winter concert, fine arts night)

Art & Literary Activities Supported by PAFA:

Visiting artists workshops (yearly)
Visiting author (library) (2012/2013) (LS split)
Poetry Alive (library) (LS split)

Items Purchased/Supported by PAFA:

Chinese instruments (hall decoration)
Popcorn machine (PAFA)
Senior’s lounge (chairs, refrigerator, microwave)
Sewing machine (art department)
Artist in residence (art department)
Camera lens (IB film)
Wireless microphones (IB film)
Camera stabilizers (IB film) (2012/2013)
Underwater camera (PE-swimming pool)
Refrigerator (cafeteria)
Sound system (for fitness room)
Lego robotics (ASA) (2012/2013)
Dry land equipment (PE-swim) (2012/2013) (LS split)
Printing press (art department) (2012/2013)
Hot dog machine (2012/2013)
iPads and iTouches (PE department) (2012/2013)

Lower School PAFA Achievements

Annual Events:

Welcome Back BBQ
Halloween Carnival
United Nations Day
Bingo Night
Winter Festival
Teacher Appreciation Day
Family Fun Day
Art Auction
Daddy & Daughter Dance
Fifth Grade Ceremony
End of Year Brunch

Support & Sponsor:

Room Parents
Bake Sales for all Events
Passport Club
MaiTian Charity Organization
Ambassadors & Connecting New Parents

Art & Literary Activities:

Visiting Artists Workshops
Visiting Authors
Puppeteers Workshop

Purchased/Supported by PAFA:

3-D Printer
Camera Lens (IB Film)
Camera Stabilizers (IB Film)
Chinese Instruments (Hall Decoration)
Dry Land Equipment (PE-Swimming)
Dunk Tank
Events Tables & Table Cloths
Hot Dog Machine
iPads and iTouches (PE Department)
Lego Robotics (After School Activities)
Popcorn Machine
Pre-Kindergarten Cooking Items
Printing Press (Art Department)
Refrigerator (Cafeteria)
Santa Suit
Senior’s Lounge – chairs, refrigerator, microwave
Sewing Machine for Art Department
Wireless Microphones (IB Film)
Underwater Camera (PE-Swimming)
Sound System (Fitness Room)

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