Job Descriptions

PAFA Executive Committee Positions Pudong Campus, 2019-20 are listed below. Parents should complete the short PAFA Survey to nominate and approve the Leadership Team.


Working with the SCIS Faculty Representative, the role of President is responsible for chairing monthly Executive Committee Meetings and the 5 currently scheduled PAFA General Meeting. The President sets meeting agendas and supports all other PAFA Executive Committee members in fulfilling their roles.

    • Establish and annual goals and major events and ensure these are on the school calendar.
    • Meet with the Head of School at least once every quarter for a formal exchange of goals and progress.
    • Assist all committee members.
    • Ensure there is a timely and transparent way for the Executive Committee to review proposals for PAFA funding.
    • Promote PAFA to the parent community. Be involved with social events and present (with the executive committee) to share and promote PAFA during the New Family Orientation Day, Welcome Back BBQ, and Back to School Night.
    • Work with the Head of School and the incoming PAFA President to evaluate the current year and prepare for the following year with suggested strengths, areas for growth, and potential goals.


The Treasurer is responsible for tracking and managing the income and expenses.

      • Prepare a brief financial report for monthly Executive Committee Meeting (and PAFA General Meetings)
      • Clarify budget guidelines with other PAFA constituents to ensure consistency.
      • Signing off with President on all financed approved by the executive committee

Communications Coordinator

The Communications Coordinator facilitates PAFA communications and works to streamline relevant communication for all parents.

  • Manage the Fantastic Parents WeChat groups, posting relevant information.
  • Share the Upper School White Board WeChat (copied from school)
  • Work with the Executive Committee to establish Grade Level ParentCoordinators to help share grade-specific information.
  • Act as the PAFA point of contact for the school with various department heads, administration , and the Executive Committee
  • Take minutes /notes PAFA meetings and send to President for wider distribution.
  • Work with others (ex. Grade Level Coordinators, Events Coordinator, VolunteerCoordinator, etc.) to share information
  • Market PAFA / School events with photos / write-ups for various mediums as needed.

Events Coordinator

This person will with the SCIS PAFA Faculty Representative to plan/coordinate/delegate all annual PAFA events such as New Student Orientation, Welcome Back BBQ, Bingo Night, Winter Festival, International Food Festival, Fine Arts Night, etc.

    • Plan and market opportunities for parents to socialize
    • Establish and communicate with parent leaders (or teams) for various events.

Volunteer Coordinator/ Country Ambassador Coordinator (newly created for 2019-20 Executive Committee)
The Volunteer Coordinator role will liaise with administration and admissions to plan a diverse network of parents to reach out and welcome new parents and students, introduce them to other families, ensure they feel welcome and supported in the SCIS Community.

    • Develop and share a Welcome Volunteer Committee made up of various parents who are able to welcome new parents.
    • Identify, collect, and share relevant information to benefit all volunteers
    • Showcase and leverage the cultural and national diversity represented at SCISto benefit all students and families throughout the year.
    • Be a two-way point of contact with the school to identify and help support student learning in the Academic and Co-Curricular Program. (ex. Career Day, Mother Tongue reading opportunities, Financial Literacy discussions, etc.)

Food & Beverage /Purchasing Coordinator

The F&B /Purchasing Coordinator will coordinate specifically with the events coordinator as well as the other executive committee team members to purchase product needed for PAFA sponsored events.

  • Maintain the inventory of the PAFA Room.
  • Liaise with Treasurer of the cost of supplies and possible expenditure requirements
  • Be the point of contact to set up all PAFA sold food/beveragesUpdated: April 2019

Updated: April 2019

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