About PAFA

What is PAFA?

PAFA stands for Parents and Friends Association. Its purpose is to provide support to the school through the coordination of events and activities outside of the regular program and coordinate and encourage parent involvement through volunteering work.   All parents of SCIS students are by definition members of PAFA. PAFA plays a key role in supporting SCIS students’ success by facilitating the school-home partnership through multiple methods.

PAFA members will elect an Executive Committee to coordinate its activities.
Elections normally occur in May of each year with the elected committee working together for the next academic year. However, due to the transient nature of expat lives positions,  replacements can be adjusted at different times by the Executive Committee

PAFA conducts various activities and events throughout the school year that support the students and school community.  Some of these events help raise funds for PAFA-approved projects to support the school.  Some of the funds are designated for approved charities the school and students have chosen to support.

Examples include enrichment opportunities for students such as artist, authors, or special guest visitors. Funds can also be utilized to enhance the school facility or provide Additional extracurricular opportunities outside of those funded through the school’s normal operations.

What is the PAFA Executive Committee?

The PAFA executive committee serves to organize and prioritize the efforts of the entire PAFA parent group in supporting the school overall.

  • The PAFA Executive Committee does not establish school policy or in any way influence the running of the school. That is the domain of the SCIS administration under the supervision of the Board of Directors.

The Executive Committee is not a vehicle to air individual parent concerns or a substitute for direct communication with the teacher/Principal.


What are PAFA’s primary communication methods?

Information regarding upcoming events and requests for volunteers will be shared via:

  • Fantastic Parents WeChat
  • Messages via the individual grade WeChat
  • Weekly updates via the Head of Schools blog.
  • This PAFA webpage.
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