Tech Tips – The Virtual Learning Survival Guide


Of course, virtual learning requires technology to participate! And the good news is that our tech team is really excited to bring you updates on all of the technology you can use to accelerate your learning and have lots of fun doing it.

Here are two Office 365 apps that will help you stay connected to your class and to your classmates.

Teams is a phenomenal collaboration app from Microsoft that really speeds up virtual learning opportunities for students. Teachers can set up a team for each class and then deliver online lessons in real-time; they can also be recorded to playback at a later date.

You can chat with your friends on here using text, video, and audio. You can format your messages, adding GIFs and stickers. A great feature is that you can link files and documents from Office 365 directly, so no need for email.

Watch this video in Stream or YouTube to find out more.

MS Stream


Available on the Teams App, or by going to

Stream is Microsoft’s version of YouTube, with a few added features. For example, it allows SCIS to control the audience and user interaction, and it can create caption text for several different languages and you can embed quizzes into the video timeline.

Many of our teachers have taken the leap into content creation and started uploading videos to share with you for your lessons.

If you are new to Stream, you can get up to speed by watching this tutorial. It covers how to upload a video, change permissions of who can view it and how to add comments.

Available on the web at