Students – The Virtual Learning Survival Guide

Dear Students:

As news constantly hits and the Coronavirus continues to shift our normal routines and lives, the counseling department has put together different resources for you and your classmates to utilize as we engage in this new territory.

There are specific topics that we’ve focused on to assist with the current circumstances that are out of our control to help manoeuvre through this experience. This is a working document, so we welcome any suggestions that you may have through the upcoming weeks.  

We know the unknown and unfamiliar can be tricky to navigate. Our goal is to stay connected and have open lines of communication with the school community. The counselors are here and willing to support in any way. Feel free to email us or schedule an appointment for us to have a chat, if needed.

Stay encouraged and healthy during this very unique time.

Stress Management

This is definitely a unique situation that we are experiencing right now. We find ourselves embarking in uncharted territory, which can cause various levels of stress. Taking into account the different challenges we will likely face, we wanted to provide some coping strategies if in fact your stress levels increase. 

Stress Management Videos


Throughout our advisory program and during Wellness Week we’ve touched upon different aspects of mindfulness. This could be a good opportunity to start incorporating mindfulness practices into your routine. You could begin your day with a quiet guided meditation exercise, incorporate mindful breathing between class assignments, or do a body scan when you’re on a break. Take a look at the different techniques and see which one fits you! 

Mindfulness Videos

Virtual Learning Studying Tips

We anticipate that adjusting to virtual learning may be a difficult transition, especially because there’s technology involved, different time zones, and multiple classes to account for. University is prime time for online classes so we provided some of their tips and tricks to assist with navigating these next few weeks on your virtual learning journey.

Virtual Learning Videos

            Online Student Success


Organization can be a hard skill to master, especially if you are stuck at home all day right now or tempted by a beautiful beach or maybe even the glistening snow. To assist with helping you get a handle on managing all of your work without procrastinating too much, we’ve shared some good ol’ organizational strategies for you to access.  

Organization Videos


Dealing with change can be hard to cope with. There are a lot of factors that are out of our control right now. During times like this, how you react and respond will make a world of a difference. This is where grit and resilience comes into play. If you’re interested to see how resilient you are (according to Dr. Siebert) take the short, fun quiz entitled, “How Resilient Are You.” Then take a look at the resources to support this particular situation.

Resiliency Videos