2020-2021 Principal’s Post #34

It’s Time to China Go!

After a year of anticipation and waiting for approval, our China Go! trips are finally here! These trips are designed to support the IB curriculum we offer, help students connect to our amazing host culture, and provide shared experiences for students to deepen their relationships and strengthen the bonds of our community.

As a reminder, students in grades 6-11 will depart from school on May 5th and return to school on May 7th. Students will take the normal morning buses to school on Wednesday May 5th and depart from campus at approximately 8:30. Students will return to school on Friday, May 7th in time to take the 3:00 buses home. Please note that we will ask students not to use their phones during the day but each evening they will have time before bed to communicate with families. If there is an emergency during the trips and you need to contact your child immediately, you can call the school during office hours and we will make sure you can communicate with your child. If there is an emergency after hours, you can reach Dr. Volpe at 185-2141-0773.

Please help your child prepare for the trips by ensuring they have all of the materials suggested in the packing lists they were provided. Specifically, please don’t forget to make sure your child brings their PASSPORT on Wednesday May 5th. We truly appreciate your support as a community in making these trips a memorable experience and an opportunity for growth for our students. In closing, I would like to thank the teachers for going above and beyond, spending time away from their own families and personal lives to be there for our students in making these trips a reality. Thank you teachers!

Grade 6 China Go! Trip Information
Grade 7 China Go! Trip Information
Grade 8 China Go! Trip Information
Grade 9 China Go! Trip Information
Grade 10 China Go! Trip Information
Grade 11 China Go! Trip Information

Spring Arts Night: Celebration of the Arts at SCIS

On Tuesday night, SCIS celebrated our Spring Arts Night. It was a truly wonderful evening with a festive, supportive atmosphere. We hope families were able to join via the live stream link. If you missed it or would like to see it again, please note that all performances and presentations are still available. Scroll down to the previous post for links to the various records. Congratulations to our students on their hard work in preparing for Tuesday’s performances and presentations. It was truly impressive to see the hard-earned skills and talent on display and the warm encouragement students offered each other. A huge thank you to all of our Arts and Design teachers, Ms. Whiteside, Mr. Demas, and Mr. Willauer as well as our teacher volunteers Coach Vic, Ms. Riddle, Mr. Vanta, Ms. Roberts, and Mr. Shearer for their support. Also a huge thanks to Justin and Barry Johnson for their technical support of the performances and the live streams. Finally, we want to recognize Mr. Demas in his last year with SCIS for the tremendous contribution he has made in developing our music program in particular and our Arts program in general. Thank you Mr. Demas for all that you have done! And congratulations again to all of our students!

Update from Dr. Liz Gale, SCIS Deputy Director of SChools/ Head of School SCIS-Pudong April 20, 2020

Dear SCIS-Families,

It has been another incredible week of learning and celebration at SCIS-Pudong that included the Upper School Spring Arts Night, a Lower School Assembly, grade level learning celebrations and more!  It is hard to believe that following the coming 3-day weekend we will be entering the final 6-week stretch before the end of the school year.   As you know, the end of the school year is always filled with fun events and happenings for students, and I encourage you to continue to carefully read through the weekly Principal’s Posts, as well as other information sent from the school to ensure you’re kept up to date on the upcoming events as the end of the year draws near.  As always, if you have any immediate questions, please feel free to connect with any member of the administrative team or the divisional secretaries Ms. Vicki Xu for Lower School (vxu@scis-china.org) or Ms. Jelly Ling for Upper School (jling@scis-china.org).


A huge thank you to the members of the PAFA Executive Committee, as well as the parent volunteers for planning and organizing a wonderful BINGO night celebration last Saturday evening, April 24th at the Pudong Marriot East Hotel.  Approximately 160 members of the SCIS-Pudong community joined the event, which not only served as a symbol of the communal commitment our families have to SCIS-Pudong, but it actually represented much more than that in year that has been characterized by many hardships and challenges due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19.  It was an event that symbolized our strength and resilience as a community, as well as our dedication to supporting each other and doing our utmost to persevere and ultimately prevail during the challenges we have faced this school year. 

A BIG DRAGON THANK YOU to the members of the PAFA Executive Committee for your efforts in making this night possible.

  • Freda Yiu
  • Loewe Lu
  • Preeti Shah
  • Queenie Wong
  • Sammy Yi
  • Sanna Korsstrom
  • Silvia Gatti

I would also like to thank the following parent volunteers, Athina Ferpozzi and Judith Varnai, as well as the following student volunteers, Allison Peng, Ellen Kim, Francesca Cordischi, Gunit Rana, Jazmin Varnai, Johanna Schultz, Veera Kortelainen, Zazu Varnai who all devoted their time and creative energy to this event. 

In addition to all of the preparations that went into planning BINGO night, our PAFA team has done a phenomenal job this year creating opportunities to bring parents and families together outside of school given the continued restrictions we face surrounding parental access to campus.  The cultural lunch celebrations and grade level outings have been a huge success and certainly had a very positive impact on our community.  Thank you PAFA!


Over the past 24 months, administration, faculty, staff, students, and parents across all three SCIS campuses have engaged in the IB / WASC self-study process.  The “Focus on Learning” self-study is an ongoing school improvement process that assists a school in examining in-depth what currently exists, as well as what needs to be improved in relation to student learning and the school’s program.  Basic concepts addressed in this process focus upon student success in meeting the school-wide learner outcomes and academic standards.  This includes critical reflection on the following questions:

  • How well are students achieving?
  • Is the school doing everything possible to support high achievement for all its students?

The accreditation process is a perpetual cycle of reflection, assessment, designing, and planning, implementing, monitoring, and reassessment:  the process is guided and assisted by tools and structures within the self-study, visit, and follow-up.  

At this time, the school has completed the self-study process by ensuring communal engagement in the following five tasks:

  • Task 1:  Analyze and reflect upon the school’s progress and the impact on student learning since the previous SCIS full self-study in 2013.
  • Task 2:  Refine the student and community profile based upon analyzed and disaggregated data; clarify the schoolwide learner outcomes.
  • Task 3:  Evaluate the quality of the school program in relation to the IB / WASC criteria.  Synthesize the information, determine strength and growth needs.
  • Task 4:  Summarize identified student critical learning needs based on the profile, progress and focus group analysis and findings.
  • Task 5:  Revise or create a comprehensive schoolwide action plan that will drive achievement of the schoolwide learner outcomes and academic standards.

All of the work that was accomplished as a result of the above tasks was compiled and organized into a self-study report that has been submitted to the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) in preparation for the SCIS IB/WASC synchronized visit that will take place during the week of May 17th-21st.  During the visit, a team of 18 educators and leaders from around the world will engage in dialogue with SCIS faculty, staff, students, and parents surrounding the self-study process and accompanying findings and provide an outside perspective of the school’s ability to effectively meet the established WASC criteria that defines organizational excellence.

Due to the thorough nature of the SCIS self-study process we are very confident that both WASC, as well as the IB Visiting Teams will affirm the school’s findings, as well as the new 2021-2024 systemwide strategic action plan that has been developed as a result.  The 2021-2024 SCIS systemwide strategic plan will guide the work of the systemwide Educational Administration Team, as well as the systemwide Operational Team until completion and/or refinement of the action plan in preparation for the next self-study in 2027.  More information on the IB / WASC synchronized visit, as well as the findings from the visiting team will be shared in the coming weeks.  

If you have any questions surrounding the SCIS IB/WASC self-study process, please feel free to connect with me at egale@scis-china.org.  We greatly appreciate the support we have received from the community surrounding the IB/WASC self-study process this year.


Just a reminder – if your family plans on travelling outside of Shanghai this weekend please ensure that you have informed the school by completing the SCIS Traveler Health Declaration Form. 


Re-enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year is well underway and seats are filling up quickly across grade levels.  In fact, several grade levels are currently close to capacity.

As such, if you are confident that you would like your child(ren) to continue at SCIS-Pudong for the 2021-2022 school year, we encourage you to submit your re-enrollment as quickly as possible.  Additionally, if you have friends or acquaintances who are interested in enrolling their child(ren) in SCIS-Pudong, please encourage them to connect with our admissions department as soon as possible. 

Despite the challenges we have faced surrounding the tightened border restrictions and the impact that has had on welcoming new families from abroad, we continue to attract new students and families from across Shanghai who have heard about SCIS-Pudong and the exceptional student-centered experience we provide.  We are grateful for the continued support from our parent community and appreciate the ways in which you constantly advocate and champion for our world-class and forward-thinking school. Your support and belief in our ability to provide a personalized and holistic educational environment is truly appreciated.

If you have any questions regarding the process for re-enrollment, please do not hesitate to reach out to the SCIS Admissions team at admissions@scis-china.org.

Summer Camp 2021

Shanghai Community International School (SCIS) is excited to offer a specialized summer camp designed with the whole child in mind.  This year, our SCIS-Pudong summer camp program will be a non-academic, thematic experience filled with action-packed fun for children in the ECE through grade 5.  Enrolling your child in the summer program will ensure that their days are filled with games, sports, outdoor exploration, water activities, art, music, drama, Mandarin language/culture fun, and more!  All ECE through Grade 5 students at SCIS-Pudong are welcome to enroll.  Summer camp offers flexible weekly enrollment options for families with limited availability or travel plans.  For more information on Summer Camp please contact the SCIS Admissions team at admissions@scis-china.org.

School Picture Ordering Information

Dear Parents,
The pictures taken during Pret-a-Portraits recent visit will soon be ready. If you haven’t already, please use the card that your child brought home to pre-register your interest in the school pictures and you will be sent an email the moment your pictures become available.

If you have any questions or need assistance, Please contact Pret-a-Portrait directly via:
WeChat: Pret-a-Portrait
Phone: 131 2078 2068
Email: chinasupport@pret-a-portrait.net

Window Into the School Week

Senior Walk-Off

An important tradition at SCIS for our graduating students is a celebration of their last day of class. The class of 2021 had their last day of class this past Tuesday and the entire school community came out to celebrate and mark the occasion. Upper School and Lower School students lined the hallways and staircases as the seniors “walk-off” from their last day of classes. Grade 12 students are now focused on their end-of-semester and IB Diploma exams. This was the first of many events that will celebrate the accomplishments of our graduating students.

Staff vs. Varsity Girls Soccer Team

Last Friday, brave staff members stepped up to help the girl’s soccer team have one more game before the season ended. The game


Students in grade 10 had another opportunity to practice their testing skills for college entrance Wednesday as the wrote the Preliminary Scholastic Apptitude Test (PSAT). Students will receive feedback on their performance before the end of the year which will help them prepare for the SAT in their grade 11 year if they plan to apply to universities that require it. If you have any questions about the PSAT or SAT please don’t hesitate to reach out to our University and Social-Emotional Counselor Ms. Kelly.


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