2020-2021 Principal Post #28 Spotlight on the Arts

DP Arts Showcase

The exceptional work of our IB Diploma Arts students was on display Monday during the DP Arts Showcase. Students are required to publicly display or perform their work as part of the requirements of the IB Diploma Program. Visual Arts students presented their portfolios of work which represents 2 years of engagement around a specific theme. This year’s themes included the impact of human interactions on nature, the seven deadly sins, and the future. Music students were also on hand to share their compositions which were playing over the speakers in the gallery. Film students also screened their final IB collaboration where students worked in teams to create a culminating film that will be submitted to the IB as part of their film grade. We would like to thank Ms. Whiteside and Mr. Demas for their leadership and congratulate the grade 12 Art students on their efforts, their hard earned skills, and the completion of this important part of the IB Diploma experience.

Perhaps one of the most exciting developments was that we received permission to have the parents of grade 12 IB Diploma students on campus. The parents were allowed to enter after all other students had boarded their buses to ensure we were complying with health and safety regulations. It was great to be able to host parents (even if just a few) on campus once again. We are hopeful that we will be able to progressively return to opening our campus to parents as the year goes on and local conditions continue to remain safe.

Shanghai Student Film Festival (S2F2)

Today more than 35 SCIS high school students participated in S2F2 which has become a highly anticipated annual event.  Students spend two full days immersed in film-making; working in teams and competing against other students.  On Saturday, students will compete in the 8-hour Film Challenge where SCIS teams work together to create their own original films while learning from each other.  On Friday students in grades 9-10 attended workshops that were organized, planned, and delivered by students in grade 11.   Student led workshops included animation, sound collection, editing, lighting, and special effects. The SCIS community will have a chance to view these films later this spring during our final Arts Night of the year.  We would like to congratulate the students and thank Ms. Whiteside and Mr. Willauer for supporting our students in this experience. 

SCIS Bus Transportation Handbook

Please review the Bus Transportation Handbook which outlines our bus protocols and procedures including student expectations. Please let your divisional principal know if you have any questions or concerns.  

Student Led Conference Reminder From Dr. Gale (Repeated from Last Week’s Blog)

Student-Led Conferences are an integral part of the teaching and learning process at SCIS-Pudong.  According to the school calendar, April 14th is a half-school day dedicated to Student-Led Conferences.  At this time, teachers and students are preparing for a traditional Student-Led Conference model despite the continued uncertainty surrounding parental access to campus.  Given the ongoing success of pandemic prevention throughout Shanghai, our hope is that we will be able to welcome parents/caregivers to campus on April 14th for Student-Led Conferences.  However, in the event the requirement remains that parents are not allowed on campus, an alternative Student-Led Conference model will take place between students and parents at home.  Regardless of the format, April 14th will remain a half-day of school and students will be dismissed at 11:30am.

What is a Student-led Conference?

Student-led conferences are an essential part of the assessment and reporting process at SCIS, as they provide students with a valuable opportunity to take responsibility for their learning and share the learning process, as well as the progress they have made over the course of the school year with their parents/caregivers.  There are a number of reasons schools implement student-led conferences including the fact that the spotlight is on the most important person in the process (the student).  Student-led conferences put the students in charge, holding them responsible and accountable as they present their work to their parents.   Research has proven there are multiple benefits that emerge as a result of preparing for and carrying out a student-led conference.  These include:

  • Increased student accountability on their learning
  • Enhancement of students’ communication skills
  • Strengthening the collaborative relationship between parents, teachers and students
  • Development of thinking, self-management, communication, social and leadership skills
  • Increased student motivation towards learning
  • Acquiring a further understanding of how students learn including areas of strength and areas for growth


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