2020-2021 Principal’s Post # 25

Upper School Service Project Fills The Halls With Music

Service to the community is an important part of the SCIS curriculum. Students are expected to take what they’re learning in their academic classes and find ways to use these newly developed skills in service to the community. In the Middle Years Program (grades 6-10) students receive direction and support from their teachers and advisors on how to carry this out but students are expected to become increasingly independent as they mature and develop independent skills. Once students reach the IB Diploma Program, students are expected to independently find, plan, and carry out their own service experiences. One recent example of how students apply their learning in service of the community was on display yesterday.

Music students in grades 11 and 12 decided they wanted to lift the spirits of the students as they boarded the buses and transitioned to their after-school activities. They enlisted their classmates and students from the Jazz Band to be part of their efforts. Students took the lead in organizing musicians, choosing songs, and arranging the required logistics. The end of the school day finished on a bright and fun note. Thank you to all for the creative and motivating finale.

Learning Walk Highlights the SCIS Mission and Schoolwide Learning Outcomes

At SCIS Pudong we have been working to keep our mission statement and Schoolwide Learning Outcomes (SLOs) at the heart of the student experience. One way we keep our focus on the SLOs is through learning walks. During learning walks a small group of teachers, administration, and staff volunteer to visit classrooms and other teaching spaces to observe student learning. The group meets briefly at the start of the learning walk to focus their attention on identifying and reflecting on student learning experiences that demonstrate achievement of the SLOs. These walks are not meant to be evaluative of teachers, rather they focus on what the students are doing and how they are experiencing and achieving the stated goals of the SLOs. This week, our focus was collecting evidence on students being Knowledgeable Inquirers. SCIS defines knowledgable inquirers as seeking to satisfy their curiosity, making connections between factual and conceptual information, evaluating bias and multiple perspectives, identifying challenges, and developing solutions.

We saw many examples of SCIS students demonstrating they are knowledgable inquiries in our walkthrough of Ms. Mabel’s grade 1 music class, Ms. Cat’s grade 4 classroom, and Ms. Shank’s 8th-grade Humanities class. As an observer, it was fascinating to see the changes and differences across the grade levels while also witnessing the unifying instructional philosophy all of the classroom shared. Namely, students were respected as individuals whose prior knowledge, interests, and experiences are an essential component of learning. The share value placed on student-centered experiences that develop self-directed learners was also evidenced by the increasingly independent learning demonstrated by students as we observed progressively older students. We would like to thank Dr. Gale for organizing and Ms. Mabel, Ms. Cat, and Ms. Shanks for hosting.

SCIS Will Host A Virtual University Fair For Students and Families March 12th

On March 12th at 2:00 pm SCIS will be hosting a virtual university fair with participating universities from around the world. University representatives will be online presenting “virtual university booths” that will provide information about programs, application procedures, and allow students and parents to ask questions. There will be live information sessions and opportunities for students and families to communicate directly with the recruiters. Many of the sessions will also be recorded and made available to students and families after the event. Ms. Kelly will be sending a detailed email out to families next week once more information is made available. Students will be participating during advisory while on campus on the 12th. We encourage all families to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Reminder: Monday, March 1st Is An Early Release Day

According to the school calendar, Monday, March 1st will be an early release day. All students in Kindergarten through grade 12 will depart campus at 1:40. Students in Early Childhood (N, PS, PK) will depart school following lunch at 11:30 am.


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