2020-2021 Principal’s Post #24

After School Activity Participation is an Important Part of the Balanced SCIS Student Experience

Varsity Girls Volleyball

At SCIS, participation in the arts, athletics, and the many clubs we offer are central to the student experience. In order to help students positively contribute to their communities, we feel it is essential that students find and pursue their passions. Our participatory approach seeks to expose students to as many different activities, fields, and experiences as possible to help them find this passion. We take great pride in the fact that the vast majority of our students participate in our After School Activity (ASA) program. According to a recent internal survey of student participation, currently, 83% of our students were actively involved in at least one ASA in January when the survey was conducted. Over 60% percent of our students were involved in more than one activity and many were involved in 3 or more. In addition, to help students find and develop their passions, these after-school activities serve to develop important soft skills that set students up for success in university and their working life. Whether learning the skill of persevering through difficulty in an athletic practice, practicing their public speaking skills by performing in front of an audience in the school play, learning to collaborate with teammates in preparation for a math competition, learning to manage their time between the demands of homework and multiple activities, or just enjoying being with friends in pursuit of a common interest, participation in these activities helps prepare students for life. Finally, as a community-focused school, we emphasize the role of shared experiences in building relationships and developing the bonds of our community. These activities allow students to learn about other students outside of their grade levels and to learn about teachers in the context of a shared area of interest.

The cast of our fall drama production Bungee Jump Bear Trap
MS Student Council works through a team-building activity

Because ASAs help students grow as individuals and strengthen the bonds of our community, we ask for your help as parents in reaching our goal of getting every student involved in an ASA they are passionate about. This time of year marks a perfect opportunity for students to put themselves out there and join a new sport or club. Please take some time this weekend to review these options with students. Find out what they are already planning to participate in and try to encourage reluctant students to try something new. Please read on to find out more about what is available in this next Upper School ASA season.

Spring After School Activity Options

Below you will find the new ASA schedule for the upcoming season. These opportunities have been publicized for students in the morning announcements and their advisors have encouraged students to participate. Any student who is interested in joining an activity should follow the instructions in the announcements for singing up, should communicate with the activity sponsor, or speak with their advisor. Coach Vic as our Athletics and Activities Director is also available to help. The new sports seasons that will begin starting the week of February 22nd include; MS Volleyball, MS/HS Badminton, and HS Soccer. Go Dragons!


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