2020-2021 Principal’s Post #6

SCIS Celebrates the United Nations International Day of Peace

It was great to host our grade 1-12 students and have so many of you join us online for today’s annual UNIDOP celebration. The spirit of our international community filled the theater and overflowed. Grades 4-5 opened the show with a percussion and vocal performance. Grade 12 students Zoya Cassidy and Piper Broad represented the Model United Nations with speeches explaining the background of UNIDOP. The highlight of the show was, as expected, the Parade of Nations, with representatives from Austria to Venezuela crossing the stage in style. Enjoy the pictures below!  

Advisory Team Building Activity

Following our UNIDOP assembly, Upper School advisories headed to the field for a team-building activity. Students were challenged to make shapes using their bodies while laying on the soccer field and were judged from above. It was a great community-building event that also taught important cooperation and leadership skills. Thank you advisors for organizing a great activity!

Government Travel Restrictions Remain in Place for the Coming Holiday Break

Dear SCIS-Pudong Families, 

This is a reminder that students should not plan to travel outside of Shanghai until further notice.  Missing valuable learning time in school will negatively impact a student’s learning experience and will affect assessments and reporting. If your family chooses to travel outside of Shanghai, against travel recommendations, there will be a modified virtual learning program offered to children during the required 14-day “in Shanghai” health monitoring.  

A modified virtual learning does not include live learning sessions with teachers and will not replicate the face-to-face classroom experiences.  Modified Virtual Learning will primarily consist of independently completing assigned work. 

Should your child(ren) travel outside of Shanghai against government and school recommendations, you must contact your divisional secretary (Lower School – Ms. Vicki Xu at vxu@scis-china.org, Upper School – Ms. Jelly Ling , jling@scis-china.org) who will follow up with you regarding requirements and information regarding the mandatory 14-day “in Shanghai” health monitoring before returning to school. 

亲爱的SCIS 浦东家长们: 

温馨提醒,在还没有收到进一步通知前,在校学生不应计划出上海旅游。 错过在校学习的宝贵时间会让学生在学习上产和负面影响以及后续的评估报告。 如果您还是计划出上海旅游的话, 学生将被要求居家自我健康观察14天, 到时将会为学生提供更新后的上线教学课程。 


如若您的孩子还是外出上海旅游, 您必须及时与您孩子所在年级秘书联系(低年级- Ms. Vicki Xu vxu@scis-china.org;高年级- Ms. Jelly Ling jling@scis-china.org), 她们会跟进以及更新在学生居家自我健康观察14天后返校信息。


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