2020-2021 Principal’s Post #3

Back to School Night (Thursday, Sept 17)

We are looking forward to next week’s virtual back to school night. While we are saddened to not be allowed to welcome parents on campus, we do feel there will be some distinct advantages to this year’s format. The virtual format will allow for both live and pre-recorded sessions for parents. All teachers will host live 10 minute MS Teams meetings where they will introduce themselves and provide an overview of their course. There will also be pre-recorded messages from the administration and other important Upper School faculty who will provide a brief overview of the unique programs they support. Parents will have the first 30 minutes to view the pre-recorded sessions, then the live sessions with teachers will begin at 6:00 pm. Parents should ensure they have access to their child’s schedule in ManageBac as the evening’s schedule will follow the same sequence as student schedules (Starting with the first block on Day 1:A and ending with the last block on Day 2:H). Students are encouraged to familiarize parents with their schedules to help orient parents to the sequence of the evening.

Important Back to School Night Information:
Who: Parents are the focus audience (students are welcome to join)
When: Thursday, September 17th from 5:30-7:30
5:30-6:00 Welcome and pre-recorded sessions
6:00-7:30 Live MS Teams session with teachers following student schedules
Where: Microsoft Teams

Tech Tips for Virtual Back to School

Preparing for the Microsoft Teams virtual meeting:

  1. You have two options for joining a Teams Meeting, using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser and visiting http://teams.microsoft.com/ or by downloading the Microsoft Teams App by clicking this link
  2. Sign in with your SCIS parent email account ending in @scis-parent.org. Need help signing in? Contact IT Support at pd-technology@scis-china.org
  3. Visit our online guide https://scis.libguides.com/newfamily/teams which provides a quick video tutorial on joining Teams along with links and QR codes for downloading the app on your phone.

Sports and Clubs Have Begun!

This week we kicked off our After School Activities. Middle School rugby and High School volleyball are in full swing with a great turnout. This week also marked the first meeting of the fall Drama cast and crew and the start of Student Council. At SCIS, we consider our sports program and After School Activities program as an integral part of the student experience. These experiences allow students the opportunity to stretch themselves beyond academics and grow into balanced, well-rounded young adults. Sports and ASAs provide opportunities for students to take risks, bring balance to their lives, and develop their leadership and social-emotional skills. Students also get to know a more diverse group of students and teachers who share their interests. Please encourage your child to participate! Our goal this year is to get as close to 100% participation in at least one sport or club as possible. We would like to thank the parents in advance for their support of these programs.

Office Hours

All teachers hold office hours each week to allow students to receive additional help with their course work. While students may be invited at times to work with a teacher on a specific assignment or to prepare for an assessment, students are encouraged to proactively seek out this time with their teachers. Asking for help is one of the most important academic and social skills our students must learning to be successful. Please encourage your child to take advantage of this important opportunity. If students plan to attend, they should notify their teachers and sign up for the ASA bus with our transportation coordinator Stu Ren or via the online form. Parents of 6th-grade students, please note that students must receive permission from their teacher in advance for grade 6 students to attend office hours during the first semester. Grade 6 students are also expected to inform their parents that they will be staying after school.

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