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SCIS-Pudong Summer Program Registration Ends Today (Friday, May 22nd)

All families should have received the information regarding our plans to offer an Upper School summer program. Due to the lost face-to-face instructional time this year, the SCIS Board of Directors is offering the first two weeks of the summer program free of charge for all students. The Pudong Upper School program will include academic enrichment, athletics (volleyball, basketball, and soccer), design, arts, robotics, literacy and service opportunities. This is a great opportunity for students to continue their learning this summer and participate in activities they haven’t been able to enjoy due to the restrictions on after-school activities.

Please note that there will also be a fee based summer school program that will run from June 29-July 24.  Students can sign up for 1-week sessions.  Summer programming will depend on the degree of student interest. If there is not enough interest to run a Pudong-based summer program for this session, students will be able to participate in the Hongqiao-based program. Transportation will be available. We will notify all families by Friday May 29th if the program will take place on the Pudong campus. We are excited to offer this opportunity.


Virtual Graduation Ceremony Will be Celebrated May 28th

The time has come to celebrate the accomplishments of our graduating class. While SEC regulations will not allow us to hold our typical graduation ceremony, we have come up with a way for students to still experience this important rite of passage while complying with government health and safety requirements. Friends and family around the world will be able to tune in online to witnesses the Class of 2020 celebrate their graduation. A small ceremony will be held on campus May 28th at 1:30pm. Mr. Demas has graciously welcomed us into his music room where the ceremony will be held. We will celebrate the occasion with all of the typical pomp and circumstance; caps, gowns, diplomas, speeches, and performances, just without a live audience. Instead we will be streaming the event online for the friends and family to be able to watch wherever they may find themselves around the world. We will also be arranging a special schedule for the Upper School so they can tune in to the ceremony as well. This creative celebration would not be possible without the tremendous efforts of some very important individuals. We would like to thank in advance Mr. Demas, Mr. Johnson, Ms. Shanks, and Ms. Kelly for all of their efforts. Congratulations Class of 2020!

Class of 2020 Gives Back as They Prepare to Graduate

Students in grade 12 completed their final assessment on Monday, May 18th but that hasn’t stopped them from coming to school. Grade 12 students were recruited by the science department to support high school and middle school students in their science learning. Grade 12 students served as teaching assistants in the science classroom, explaining concepts and supporting students through their laboratory work. Grade 12 students were excellent mentors as they put their hard earned knowledge to work. Special thanks to Ms. Sculerati, Ms. Hedderson, and Ms. Marcos for organizing and a huge thank you to the grade 12 students for giving back!

Grades 6-8 Get Back into the Rhythm of School

Monday morning was an exciting time to be on campus as we welcomed back our middle school students. The excitement was palpable as students’ smiles were so big they could be seen through their masks. Despite some early nerves, students were quickly able to adjust to the new health and safety procedures and adapt to school life. Even Virtual Learning students were part of the return to campus as many participated real time in lessons through Microsoft Teams. We would like to thank the parents for their trust and support of our efforts. We would also like to thank the students and the teachers for their role in our successful return to campus. Thank you all!

Virtual Learning Continues as 30% of our Upper School Community Participates in our Return to Campus Remotely

We recognize this is a difficult time for those teachers and students still outside Shanghai. We want to make sure that everyone outside of Shanghai knows that you are in our hearts and on our minds as we return to campus. Virtual Learning will continue for as long as the borders remain closed to ensure we continue to serve you. We will also work to find every possible opportunity to integrate you into the classrooms, even if at a distances. It is a sign of our new reality that we now experience classroom lessons and faculty meetings simultaneously in person and virtually through Microsoft Teams. For those still outside of Shanghai, we look forward to reuniting together as soon as the borders open. We are here for you!

Return to Campus Web Page

SCIS-PD has developed a web page dedicated to communicated important information regarding our return to campus procedures. This web page includes information regarding the daily health reporting requirements, school safety procedures, and information on how daily routines will be impacted. We encourage all families to review this information closely with your children. The web page can be accessed HERE.

Family Travel Survey

As a reminder, we are required by the Shanghai Education Commission to keep records on the locations of all of our families. Please be sure to update this FAMILY TRAVEL SURVEY if you location has changed since the last time you completed it. Thank you!


Technology Support Reminders

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