Principals’ Post #34

Settling Back into the Rhythm of School

Our return to campus has brought many emotions for staff and students alike. Excitement, anxiety, joy and relief are some of the most commonly used adjectives by staff and students when they describe their feelings about returning to campus. What school would be like after 3 months of virtual learning and a host of new health and safety regulations was the number one question on the minds of teachers and students as they prepared for the opening of campus. In reflecting on these changes as we wrapped up our second week of learning on campus, Ms. Hedderson put it best, “more is the same than is different”. We couldn’t agree more. Laughter and socializing has once again filled our halls and classroom learning picked up quickly where it left off. The joy of just being together has been the dominant theme of our return. The focus on health, safety, and social-emotional well-being does consume significantly more time and energy with our daily health procedures, safety precautions, and extended advisory lessons. However, we have all been reassured by how normal our return to campus experience has been and how quickly our community has adjusted. We are looking forward to next Monday as we welcome back the final members of our Upper School Shanghai-based community.

As always, we will continue to support our students learning face to face and those continuing with virtual learning. We want all of those outside of Shanghai to know that you are as important a part of our community as ever. We will continue to search for new and creative ways to incorporate those students outside of Shanghai into our campus based experience until you are able to join us here on campus. We would like thank everyone for their support and efforts in making our return to campus a success. Thank you!

Grades 6-8 Return to Campus Reminders

We are excited to have grades 6, 7, and 8 join us back on campus this Monday, May 18th. By this point, parents should have already been completing the daily health form which includes logging your child’s temperature. All of the information in this section was reviewed in the Tuesday return to campus meeting. If you were unable to attend the meeting you can watch a RECORDING OF THE RETURN TO CAMPUS PARENT ORIENTATION. We are relying on every Dragon family to support the health and safety of our community through these essential measures:

  1. Before returning to campus, each student must:
    1. have been physically present in China and have not travelled to Hubei province within the past 14 days,
    2. have completed all quarantine requirements and have a Green Health Code. [Students who do not have smart phones may use their parent’s codes.]
    3. monitor their daily temperature and other symptoms for a minimum of five days before their first day of coming to campus. Parents must start taking students’ temperatures on or before Friday, May 1. Please report your child’s daily temperature/symptoms using this form until school begins.

If your child does not yet meet these requirements, we will continue to support their virtual learning as long as is needed.

Return to Campus Procedures

  1. All parents/guardians must take their child/ren’s temperature and check them for other symptoms every morning before school. Please do not send your child/children to school if they have any symptoms of illness. Students with an elevated temperature of 37.3°C or above will not be permitted to board the bus or to enter the school building.
  2. Morning home health checks, along with other pertinent information, must be documented on the Daily Student Health Card. Students are required to bring a hard copy of their Daily Student Health Card every day. They will show this card and their Green QR Code (QR Code Procedures Hereto the bus ayi before boarding and must also submit the card and show the green QR code every morning as they enter campus. Students who do not carry their Daily Student Health Card and Green QR Code will not be permitted to board the bus or to enter the school building.
  3. Students must board the busses and arrive to school with masks.  All staff and students are to wear masks for the duration of the school day.
  4. Only students and staff are able to enter the SCIS-Pudong campus at this time. Parents will continue to participate in campus life virtually, through Microsoft Teams.

Shanghai Health and Travel QR Code Update

Please note that we have updated the Shanghai Health and Travel QR codes we accept as a school. All students must show their Shanghai Green QR code from either WeChat, Alipay, or HealthCloud (pictured above). Students may continue to use their parent’s QR code.Bus riders will show the QR codes to the bus Ayi before entering the bus while bike riders and/or walkers will show their QR codes at the school gate. Thank you for your cooperation.

Summer School

SCIS will be offering a tuition free summer program for students June 15th-26th. There will also be a paid session from June 29-July 24. All Upper School students are encouraged to participate. The final summer school program will depend on the degree of student interest expressed by the community. Summer school activities may include athletics (volleyball, basketball, and soccer), Design, the Arts, robotics, literacy, mathematics enrichment, creative writing, and other activities. If you are interested in participating please be sure to REGISTER HERE.

Design Class Contributes to Social Distancing Education

Students in Mr. Willauer’s Design class were tasked with a timely challenge and that was to design a wearable social distancing device that promotes social distancing guidelines. In order to achieve the highest possible score, students were required to test their social distancing devices in public. Students on campus were required to wear their designs to lunch and students studying virtually were required to wear them in the presence of others as appropriate to their location. While watching students line up for lunch and wash their hands certainly provided some welcomed comic relief, students also provided an important community service by raising the awareness of the importance and realities of social distancing. We would like to thank Mr. Willauer and the Design students bringing a smile to our day and for contributing to our health and safety education efforts. Well done!

Health, Safety, and Social-Emotional Support for Returning Students

Each Monday as a new cohort of students returns to campus we will hold morning advisory training sessions to orient students to health and safety procedures. We will also continue with our adjusted advisory schedule with meetings every morning and at the end of the day in an effort to support our students as they adjust. The foundation of this additional advisory time with students is built on the principals of Psychological First Aid. Psychological First Aid is designed to treat the emotional distress individuals experience during or after a traumatic event. The pandemic we are all experience has taken a toll on all of our ability to be emotionally resilient. Psychological First Aid is Designed to be deliver by non-mental health professionals and primarily involves supportive care, assessment, and appropriate referral. We realize the best support of our students can only be provided in collaboration with families. We ask that you communicate with you child’s teachers, advisors, administration, and our school counselor if you have any concerns or questions.

Return to Campus Web Page

SCIS-PD has developed a web page dedicated to communicated important information regarding our return to campus procedures. This web page includes information regarding the daily health reporting requirements, school safety procedures, and information on how daily routines will be impacted. We encourage all families to review this information closely with your children. The web page can be accessed HERE.

Family Travel Survey

As a reminder, we are required by the Shanghai Education Commission to keep records on the locations of all of our families. Please be sure to update this FAMILY TRAVEL SURVEY if you location has changed since the last time you completed it. Thank you!


Technology Support Reminders

Warm regards,

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Upper School Principal Upper School Vice Principal

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