Principals’ Post #29

Dear Upper School Families,

Many of you will have already heard the news that was announced Thursday, April 9th regarding the opening of schools in Shanghai. While the Shanghai Education Commission (SEC) has announced opening dates for public and private schools, we are still awaiting clarification from the SEC on when international schools can open. Our understanding currently is that we will fall somewhere within the announced window of April 27- May 6. Please note that depending on the SEC guidance, the school will most likely open on different dates for different grades. Director of Schools, Dan Eschtruth, will be sending out a community update with the confirmed date once we receive the information from the SEC.

In the meantime, the school is undertaking all of the necessary operational steps to ensure we are prepared to open on the first possible date allowed by the SEC. We will provide detailed information on our preparations as well as new health and safety guidelines over the coming weeks. There are also a number of guidelines that are being published by the SEC that will prevent us, at least temporarily, from returning to operating as we did prior to the pandemic. For example, non-educational gatherings are currently prohibited and outside visitors will not be allowed on campus. Once we have received and reviewed all of these directives from the SEC, we will communicate them to the community. Please note that virtual learning will continue for all grades until they are back on campus and we will make provisions for those families that have not yet been able to return (see below) to Shanghai.

Despite the restriction and challenges we will face in this transition, we are over joyed to finally see a pathway to bringing our community back together. We have all been through so much together while we’ve been apart. We are looking forward to continuing our journey in person together.

Families Still Outside of China

While the news of a return to campus is certainly exciting for those who are here in Shanghai, we recognize that not all families have been able to make the return trip. Please rest assured that we are making provisions to ensure that learning continues online for students that are unable to return to Shanghai. SCIS is committed to supporting all of its students, wherever they are, until the boarders reopen and families are able to return to Shanghai.

College Counseling Update: Planning for the Future During a Time of Uncertainty

-A message from our College Counselor Maja Kelly

 All over the world, young people’s plans for preparing for their university applications have been disrupted by the global pandemic. Schools are closed, lessons are delivered online, PSATs, SATs and IB exams got canceled and all extracurricular activities – clubs, sports and plays have been suspended indefinitely. As every year of high school is an important stepping stone on the path to university, the question on everyone’s mind is: what can students do, under these unusual circumstances, to maximize their college readiness?

Rather than seeing this challenging time as an obstacle, students should be encouraged to look for opportunities to let their creativity and independence shine. Universities always take interest in young people who make the most of the resources and opportunities available to them. It’s easy to see why. The current health crisis has posed a clear challenge to individuals, businesses, organizations and governments to adapt. Restaurants have switched to delivery/takeout/drive-through modes only, stores have organized curbside pickup of items ordered online, talk show hosts do their broadcasts from their living rooms and schools create opportunities for teachers and students to connect via apps such as Teams and Zoom. Perhaps more than ever before, it is clear that the world needs innovators and creative thinkers. And opportunities for students to demonstrate these skills abound. Whether it is picking up a new hobby, teaching oneself how to play an instrument via YouTube tutorials, keeping a blog of living through the coronavirus, starting a YouTube channel to teach others how to do a craft or prepare meals from canned and dried foods, interviewing people virtually and writing up vignettes about how people around the world are coping with the coronavirus, opportunities for students to show their creativity, resilience and ability to adapt are limitless. Admissions officers are always in search of students who are resourceful and willing to shape a new path rather than follow a familiar one that somebody else had created for them.

We hope that you can join us for a series of online sessions where we will discuss university programs and application procedures in countries around the world. The sessions will take place on Microsoft Teams, as follows:

–       Thursday, April 16 1 pm: Studying in the US and Canada

–       Thursday, April 24 1 pm: Studying in the UK and Netherlands

–       Thursday, April 30 1 pm: Studying in Hong Kong, Japan and Australia

We look forward to seeing you there! -Ms. Kelly

Grade 6 Flash Mob Brings Real Life Smiles to our Virtual Day

One of the rites of passage for grade 6 students is participating in the annual flash mob. This is the culminating experience and summative assessment for students in grade 6 Physical and Health Education. For each of the past four years, grade 6 has surprised the SCIS community with an unexpected live dance performance. This usually takes place at lunch time, when the cafeteria is filled with students and staff. Virtual learning presented some challenges for this tradition, but Coach Vic and the grade 6 students were not going to let being away from campus stop them. Instead they came up with a virtual flash mob which was filmed in locations around the world and unified with edited. It was hidden in the daily email announcements and brought unexpected connection and cheer to our community. Special thanks to Coach Vic and the grade 6 students for all of the work putting this together!

Video link:

Newest Addition of the Long Talk

The students and teachers in our literary club, Long Talk, have also been busy over the last few weeks. Despite being separated, the group was able to come together under the leadership of Ms. Boldon and Ms. Roberts to make their latest issue a reality. Happy reading!

If the above book player doesn't load, use the link below. For best viewing experience, open this link in a web browser, not in WeChat.

Message from SCIS Admissions: Revised 2020-2021 Enrollment Deadlines

Dear SCIS Community,

During this health emergency, the SCIS Admissions Office remains open and committed to fostering the SCIS community. Of course, first-and-foremost, our priority is the health and safety of your family and our entire SCIS community. We continue to work with current and new families as we strive to effectively plan for yet another successful school year. For current families, our re-enrollment process is in full swing; and for prospective families, we have already begun accepting new students for the 2020-2021 school year. We are confident that SCIS will once again be able to foster one of the strongest and most diverse learning communities within Shanghai.

As this health emergency continues, we understand that it may be difficult to progress through the standard re-enrollment process with certainty. Thus, in order to further support our current SCIS community, we have adjusted the re-enrollment timeline in order to provide a flexible timeframe that ensures all current families have first priority to register for the upcoming school year.

Please review the adjusted re-enrollment timeline below and visit our re-enrollment webpage for more information. We thank you again for your continued support and involvement in our school community and hope to welcome your family for yet another successful year at SCIS.

If you have any questions regarding re-enrollment or need any assistance, please contact our admissions office at or visit our re-enrollment webpage for more information.

Jeffrey T. Ginter
Director of Admissions
Shanghai Community International School
1161 Hongqiao Road, Shanghai, China 200051
Work: 86-21-6261-4338 • Wechat ID: JGinter
Email: • Website:

Family Travel Survey

As a reminder, we are required by the Shanghai Education Commission to keep records on the locations of all of our families. Please be sure to update this FAMILY TRAVEL SURVEY if you location has changed since the last time you completed it. Thank you!


Coronavirus Community Information

SCIS has developed a webpage on our system website outlining the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). We encourage families to check this link in order to access important information regarding our current campus closure and our response to the coronavirus. Previous updates are also logged on this site. If there are specific questions you feel need to be added, please email the administration.

Technology Support Reminders

Warm regards,

Frank Volpe, PhD Naomi Shanks
Upper School Principal Upper School Vice Principal

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