Principals’ Post #23

Dear SCIS Families,

As we finish our third week of virtual learning we would once again like to thank you for your patience and support. Our goal in this time of crisis has been to support the health and safety of the entire school community while minimizing the impact on student learning. The parent support of students, the teachers, and the school in general has helped us to ensure that we are able to provide the best program possible under these circumstances. This home-school partnership is as important as ever in leading our students through the crisis. Thank you for your messages, your feedback, and most importantly for your daily support of students during this difficult time.

By now hopefully everyone has had a chance to read the most recent update from Director of Schools Dan Eschtruth (sent Feb. 19) regarding our campus closure and the resulting changes to our academic calendar. As Mr. Eschtruth explained, in order to maximize our face to face instructional time, we have moved Spring Break to coincide with the seven day return-to-Shanghai period previously announced. We are also canceling the February 28th professional development day and we will continue with virtual learning on that day. We encourage everyone to monitor their email and refer to the SCIS Community FAQ page for the most up to date information.

Virtual Learning Update

Each week we collect data from students, parents, and teachers regarding the success and challenges that they experience. We are incorporating this feedback into our practice on a regular basis. Students and teachers receive updates on a daily basis through our daily email and ManageBac messages. There are a few updates we would like to highlight for families. First, in an effort to maintain personal interactions between students and teachers, we have asked teachers to hold virtual Office Hours for their classes. Teachers have communicated their availability to students and schedule realtime instructional and help sessions to support students. These interactions take place on the Microsoft Teams platform which all students and parents have access to as part of the Office 365. This is one example of the many ways we are working to fine tune our virtual learning program for students. We also shared Virtual Learning Guidelines in Post #22 that we encourage parents to reference. We ask that you continue to provide your feedback through our weekly surveys to ensure we are addressing your concerns and celebrating the successes.

Week 3 Virtual Learning Parent Feedback Survey

Virtual Learning ManageBac Refresher for Parents

Whether we are together on campus or spread across the globe, ManageBac is your most essential interface for monitoring your students’ day to day classwork, assessment tasks and ongoing feedback. During Virtual Learning, students will log one every morning (in any timezone) to see the day’s four scheduled lessons posted on their ManageBac calendar. Each lesson includes a range of learning experiences using a variety of media. ManageBac is MOST effective when you sit with your child and look at it together, but logging in as a parent gives you full access to your students daily calendar of learning experiences, messages to classes from teachers, and feedback on formative and summative assessment tasks. Check the tutorials below for further assistance.

ManageBac Video Tutorials

Calendars and Messages on ManageBac
Checking Progress in ManageBac

Virtual Learning Survival Guide

The virtual Learning Survival Guide is a great resource for parentsa nd students. Please take some time to review the Virtual Learning Survival Guide. This guide has been designed to identify resources for students and parents to support the adjustment to virtual learning. There are also some tech tips for students in using the school platforms. Please click HERE to review the Guide.

College Counseling Update

While the CoVid19 outbreak has certainly disrupted our daily routines, our commitment to supporting students with their plans and goals for the future has remained unchanged. Students continue to receive support and benefit from resources to help them identify the best path for the future. The majority of our 12th graders have completed their applications and have already received acceptances from universities from all corners of the world. The 11th graders continue to research the universities they have shortlisted and explore careers and majors that might be a good fit for them by completing the tasks assigned to them via BridgeU ( Individual university planning meetings with grade 11 students will continue as planned through March and April, either virtually or in person, depending on the return-to-campus timeline.

As usual, grade 9 and 10 students are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to attend university presentations and visit university campuses, if possible. Universities from around the world are offering an increasing number of digital visits and webinars to replace school visits in China which were scheduled to take place this spring. Visit this website for a list of upcoming webinars and registration links. If you are unable to attend the live webinar, a recording of it will be available on the website after the event has passed. These webinars are open to students and parents. We encourage you to visit the website frequently, as more events will be added as soon as they are announced.

Families who have questions or would like to make an appointment to discuss the university planning and application process are encouraged to reach out to our College Counselor, Maja Kelly, at


Coronavirus Community Information

SCIS has developed a webpage on our system website outlining the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). We encourage families to check this link in order to access important information regarding our current campus closure and our response to the coronavirus. Previous updates are also logged on this site. If there are specific questions you feel need to be added, please email the administration.

Technology Support Reminders

Re-enrollment has begun for the 2020-2021 School Year

SCIS families should have received an email via your scis-parent email account providing instructions regarding re-enrollment for the 2020-2021 academic year.  Please be sure to follow the instruction contained in the email for re-enrollment. Please note, you must use your email account details when signing in to the Online Re-Enrollment Website.  The re-enrollment deadlines have been adjusted to account for the current situation. Please visit the admissions page for more details. If you have any questions regarding the process for re-enrollment, please do not hesitate to reach out to the SCIS Admissions team at

Warm regards,

Frank Volpe, PhD Naomi Shanks

Upper School Principal . Upper School Vice Principal

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