Principals’ Post #5

Dear SCIS Families,

Teachers and students made the most of this short week as many students prepared for their first summative assessments of the semester. With China GO! trips scheduled for the last week before break, many classes will be wrapping up their first units with assessments. As a reminder, all unit, and assessment information can be found in ManageBac. We encourage parents to set a weekly time to review ManageBac with students as a means of staying informed of what is happening in the classroom. Please take a moment to ask your child about their upcoming assessments.

Spotlight on MYP Science

The Grade 7 MYP science students played the role of product testers in class this week as they worked through their Battle of the Brands lab. Ms. Marcos, a new addition to the SCIS Science Department, had the students fully engaged as students as they designed their own experiments to test which of the brands performed best under laboratory conditions. Students were able to choose the products they wanted to compare and then had to work through a series of scientific trials to collect data on which product they would recommend. Students tested a range of products including bouncy balls, magnets, and toy cars. In designing and carrying out experiments, students had to exercise their critical thinking skills as they identified and controlled for variables that would influence their data. Students will follow up these experiments with an investigation into Criterion D: Reflection on the Impacts of Science. In this next phase of the unit, students will evaluate the role of scientific investigation in marketing, including the consequences corporations face when claims are made in their marketing. This unit is an excellent example of the ways SCIS seeks to make the curriculum relevant to students by helping them make connections between what they’re doing in the classroom and the real world. Thank you, Ms. Marcos, for designing such a thought provoking unit!

2019 China GO!

Less than two weeks to go before China GO! and students and advisors are making final preparations for the trips. Each grade has investigated their destinations and are now in the process of planning out their service projects. We encourage parents to have a conversation with students about the information they have learned about their destination and the service activities they will be engaged in while there. In addition to the suggested packing-lists for the trips that were posted last week, the travel information for each trip is now available on our SCIS-Pudong Website as well. By early next week you will also receive detailed bus pick-up information for Monday September 23rd. Some of the pick up times will be significantly earlier than the normal school day pick-up so please note the times and locations carefully. Please feel free to email advisors or administration with any questions.

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Warm regards,

Frank Volpe, PhD                  Naomi Shanks
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