Principals’ Post #36

These past seven days have undoubtedly been the busiest of the school year in terms of events. We ended last week with the spectacular performance of Somewhere, Nowhere by our Upper School drama students (see last week’s post), Saturday night Student Council sponsored a wonderful Prom at Kathleen’s Waitan, Monday our 7th and 8th grade students performed their final Arts Rotation performance of the year, Tuesday SCIS celebrated its annual Upper School Sports Banquet, and last night we held our biggest celebration of the year, the Graduation Ceremony of the Class of 2019. These events are important because the help build our community through shared experiences. Special thanks to the teachers who worked late to make all of these events possible and to the parents who’s attendance made them all the more special.

High School Graduation

This year’s graduating class will be remembered for their tight bonds, academic excellence, and their artistic talent . Every year graduation is a bittersweet moment, as the sadness of leaving friends and family behind combines with the excitement for what’s to come. One of the most unique aspect of our SCIS Pudong campus is that our small size allows for us to develop exceptional strong relationships. Last night’s Graduation Ceremony was shining example of how these relationships provide the caring support necessary for our students to mature into the best possible versions of themselves (watch the video HERE)

The common refrain across all of the fantastically delivered student speeches was the role all of these individual relationships played in their development into the young adults they have become. Whether talking about their best friends, classmates, teachers, or parents, each of our student speakers eloquently explained how these relationships had shaped them. Stories of the fear of loneliness on the first day of school being extinguished by a simple invitation to join classmates at their lunch table helped to highlight how a simple act of kindness can spark deep friendships. The accounts of teachers helping students find and develop their passions were delivered with deep gratitude. By far the most emotional moment of what was a very sentimental evening came as the student speakers thanked their parents for the support, care, and love they have provided.

There are many people to thank for last night’s ceremony and for helping our graduating class achieve this important milestone. First and foremost our deepest gratitude to the cCs of 2019 for the significant contributions they have made to SCIS in their time with us. A special thank you to Ms. Shanks, our Upper School Vice Principal and IB Diploma Coordinator and Ms. Maja Kelly, our Upper School Counselor, for their neverending support of the class of 2019 and for the long hours they put in preparing for the graduation ceremony. We also thank the faculty and staff for their tireless efforts teaching, coaching, and mentoring the Class of 2019 throughout their time with us. Finally, last but not least we would like to thank the parents of the class of 2019 for placing your trust in SCIS and for your partnership and support. It truly takes a community working together to help our students grow into the accomplished men and women they have become! Best of luck Class of 2019!

Upper School Sports Banquet

Tuesday night’s Sports Banquet was a celebration of the growth and individual and team accomplishments of this years sports seasons. Each of our Middle School and High School teams were recognized over the course of the evening. Coaches highlighted the growth and accomplishments of the season and recognized individual players for their accomplishments. Parents, teachers, and administrators were on hand to enjoy the celebration. A huge thank you to Coach Vic for all of his efforts preparing the festivities and more importantly for his support of our athletics and activities programs. Go Dragons!

The Greedy Crows Arts Performance

Monday we were treated to the final 7th and 8th Grade Arts Rotation performance of the year. The performance was spectacular, with beautiful backdrop art, confidently delivered acting performances, and live synchronized musical accompaniment. However, as with each of the previous Arts Rotation performances the most impressive aspect of the performance was the fact that it was completely student generated. Drama students wrote the script based on the classic story, Visual Arts students designed artwork based on the script, and Music students composed original music to represent the mood of each scene. By providing students in grades 7 and 8 the opportunity to work in each area of the Arts, they were pushed outside of their comfort zones and had the opportunity to develop new skills and passions. Students also gained an appreciation for how the Arts can complement each other.

As a reminder, this year’s Arts Rotation was a change from previous years where students had been required to elect just one of the Arts. This led to students being pushed to specialize within the Arts at a young age, often leading to a reluctance for students to venture out of their comfort zones in later years. We are confident this this new model of providing students the opportunity to experience Music, Drama, and Visual Arts, throughout their Middle School years is the best approach to a comprehensive Arts education. Thanks to our after-school programs, students still have the opportunity to specialize within the Arts through our many Arts focused After School Activities (ASAs). We would like to thank the Arts Department for this bold, successful experiment which will continue into the future. Congratulations Ms. Riddle, Ms. Whiteside, Mr. Demas, and Mr. O’Reilly on an amazing year of the Arts at SCIS. Thank you!

Upper School Exam Schedule

Upper School students will be on a special exam schedule this coming week. Students in the MYP (grades 6-10) will have their final summative assessments of the semester during the exam period. Grade 11 students will be testing under formal exam conditions to simulate the IB Diploma exams they will take in grade 12. Please encourage students to eat well and get plenty of rest to ensure they are ready to demonstrate their learning during the upcoming exam sessions. Please review the following information so you are aware of next week’s schedule.


Re-enrollment continues for the 2019-2020 School Year

Please note that we are predicting waitlists in some grade levels and programs across the school.  As such, if you are confident that you would like your child to continue at SCIS-Pudong for the 2019-2020 school year, we encourage you to submit your re-enrollment as quickly as possible. 

Please note, you must use your email account details when signing in to the Online Re-Enrollment Website.  If you have any questions regarding the process for re-enrollment, please do not hesitate to reach out to the SCIS Admissions team at

Warm regards,

Frank Volpe, PhD                   Naomi Shanks
Upper School Principal        Upper School Vice Principal

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