Principals’ Post #32

SCIS Families,

It was great to see so many families in attendance for International Festival. The event was a perfect representation of what makes SCIS such a powerful community in which to belong. The thought and care that went into the country displays and the musical performances were extremely moving. The pride of sharing cultural traditions and food was only surpassed by the eagerness of those in attendance to learn and experience them. The musical and dance performances were truly impressive this year. The food stalls also surpassed expectations as International Festival seems to have awakened a friendly competitive spirit which was enjoyed by all.

We would like to thank all of the performers–and those that helped organize visiting artists–for making it possible for the SCIS community to share in these cultural traditions. We would also like to thank the volunteers that ran the tables and spent hours cooking traditional dishes to share. Finally, we would like to thank Laurie Luebbe and all of the PAFA parents for their efforts making this event such a success. These shared experiences are vital as they provide opportunities for us to strengthen our individual relationships, broaden our SCIS circles of friends, and maintain our wonderful community.

Spirit Week

Students celebrated SCIS Spirit Week across the Upper and Lower School. Students started out the week in relaxed fashion with pajama day and then showed their class spirit with grade level color spirit day on Tuesday. Thursday brought out the most creativity this week as students demonstrated the many ways to dress up as tacky tourists. We ended the week with the our Pudong greens and jeans. Spirit Week is organized by our Student Council in an effort to lift spirits of our students as we approach the final stretch of the school year. Spring Spirit Week also marks the last day of classes for grade 12 students as they will begin IB Diploma exams next week. Thank you Student Council for organizing a great week!

SCIS System Leadership Team Participates in Adaptive Schools Seminar

One of the many benefits of being a small school in a larger system of schools is that we are able to capitalize on the resources and expertise of a large organization while maintaining a tight knit community. This week, members of the SCIS administration across all campuses participated in a 4-day Adaptive Schools seminar led by expert facilitator Kendall Zoller. The training focused on building and developing effective teams. All organizations know that they are only as good as the people in them, but the best organizations know that talent works best when highly effective teams are developed. The 4-day seminar unpacked the structures and strategies necessary for building effective teams. At SCIS, like in many organizations, it is in teams that the most important work is done. Whether it’s planning the curriculum, designing assessments, or unpacking the research on the most effective instructional strategies, the most important work of education is done by teams of educators. As an Upper School administrative team, we will take the skills and strategies learned through the Adaptive Schools experience and apply them to the work we do in designing and implementing a world class educational experiences for our students.

Re-enrollment continues for the 2019-2020 School Year

Please note that we are predicting waitlists in some grade levels and programs across the school.  As such, if you are confident that you would like your child to continue at SCIS-Pudong for the 2019-2020 school year, we encourage you to submit your re-enrollment as quickly as possible. 

Please note, you must use your email account details when signing in to the Online Re-Enrollment Website.  If you have any questions regarding the process for re-enrollment, please do not hesitate to reach out to the SCIS Admissions team at

Warm regards,

Frank Volpe, PhD                   Naomi Shanks
Upper School Principal        Upper School Vice Principal

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