Principals’ Post #27

Dear SCIS Families,

We would like to thank all of the families that attended the March conferences on Thursday. For MYP Student-Led Conferences, it was great to have families on campus hearing directly from their children about the progress they have made in their learning this year.  Student-Led Conferences are truly about providing the students with the opportunity to take the lead in communicating about their learning. 

IB Approaches to Learning Skills

The primary focus of the conferences emphasizes the important role the Approaches to Learning skills (ATLs) play in academic success and life-long learning. Conferences are designed to allow students to view their academic progress through the lens of the ATLs; Communication Skills, Research Skills, Social Skills, Self-Management Skills, and Thinking Skills.  We would like to encourage parents to continue to use the language of the ATLs in your discussions with students.  Educational research and workplace surveys consistently identify the development and application of these skills as a key to success.  

At SCIS we are in a constant cycle of improvement and would appreciate hearing from all parents about their experience with both the MYP Student-Led Conferences and the Grade 11-12 Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences.  We are seeking feedback from those that attended conferences and from those who were unable to attend.   Please take a moment to provide us feedback on March conferences by following the links below. Parents who participated in both MYP and DP conferences are encouraged to fill out both surveys.


DP Art Exhibition and Recital

Monday was a benchmark day for the Class of 2019, with the senior Music and Visual Arts students presenting a formal celebration of their academic pursuit of the Arts. Visual Arts and Music are unique subjects among the IB-DP course offerings, in that the final assessment of student work is required to be presented before a live audience. Each of our senior Visual Arts students presented a curated  collection of original work, created over the last two years, and representing a dazzling range of art styles, media, and messages. The Exhibition will remain on display for the next three weeks, we encourage you to stop by and have a look. On the same evening, our senior Music students performed in a group recital, a performance recorded and submitted to the IBO. The celebration of arts continued on Tuesday with a second recital featuring our Higher Level Music students in solo performances. 

MYP Science Expo

While on campus Thursday students also had the opportunity to share their MYP Science Exposition projects with families. Students also had the chance to present their learning to students across the Lower and Upper School Friday morning. They have been hard at work putting their scientific research and lab skills to the test over the past month in preparing for Friday’s Expo.  The Science Expo allows students to make real-world connections to the concepts they have been learning about in class.  We would like to congratulate the students on their hard work and their newly acquired knowledge and skills. We would also like to thank our MYP Science department for their support of our students. 


Shanghai Student Film Festival (S2F2)

This past weekend over 30 SCIS students participated in S2F2 which has become a highly anticipated annual event.  Students spent two full days immersed in film-making; working in teams competing against other students.  On Friday, students competed in the 8-hour Film Challenge where SCIS teams worked together to create their own original films while learning from other students, teachers, and industry professionals.  On Saturday students attended workshops, a screening of student films, and the final awards ceremony.  Our students represented SCIS well, bringing home a number of awards.  The SCIS community will have a chance to view these films later this spring during our final Arts Night of the year.  We would like to congratulate the students and thank Mr. O’Reilly and Ms. Whiteside for supporting our students in this experience. 

Mid-semester Progress Reports Posted to ManageBac

Please note that id-semester progress reports were posted Friday March 22nd at 3pm.  Mid-semester reports provide a progress designation and narrative feedback from teachers regarding the individual progress of each student.  Please take some time to review the progress reports with your child.  These reports provide a great opportunity for parents to have conversations around current progress and how to get to the next level.  

Have a great weekend!

Warm regards,

Frank Volpe, PhD                   Naomi Shanks

Upper School Principal          Upper School Vice Principal


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