Principals’ Post #21

Dear SCIS Families,

The excitement for the upcoming Spring Festival was palpable on campus this week.  Students enjoyed Chinese cultural activities in their Mandarin courses over the course beginning on Monday.  Activities included calligraphy, dumpling making, and traditional Chinese games.  Upper School and Lower School students also spent time preparing for the Chinese New Year Celebration on Friday afternoon.  The celebration included musical ensembles, poetry recitation, and a Lower School mini-drama.  We would like to thank the Upper and Lower School Mandarin teachers for organizing an amazing celebration. 

Chinese New Year Celebrations

IB Diploma Extended Essay Begins for Grade 11

Chinese New Year was far from the only thing happening on campus this week.  Grade 11 IB diploma students started their Extended Essay journey.  The Extended Essay is a graduation and IB Diploma Core requirement that students spend 2 years working through.  Many students point to the Extended Essay (EE) as one of the most important experiences they have during high school in preparation for university.  The EE is an independent scholarly research project that students complete with the help of a faculty advisor and with the support of our Librarian and Extended Essay Coordinator Ms. Williams.  Students complete the full research cycle starting with a topic of their choice, the development of a research questions, an in-depth analysis of their topic, and culminating in the  writing of 3,000.  The Extended Essay process represents an opportunity for students to hone their research skills, academic writing, and practice important self-management skills as they become the school wide expert on their chosen topic.  We would like to thank Ms. Williams for guiding our students and faculty advisors through this amazing experience.  


Environmental Systems and Societies Students out in the Field  

Our students had the opportunity to explore their learning in real world contexts this week.  Ms. Sculerati’s Environmental Systems and Societies class had a chance to experience their course content in the real work this week on their field trip to Mahota Farm  Students had the opportunity to interact with scientists in their laboratories as they toured the facilities. The farm is a zero waste facility that focuses on teaching and promoting sustainable environmental values.  Students learning about the nutrient cycle and soil conservation, and sustainable food production systems.  Students shared that the most exciting aspect of the field trip was the opportunity to interact with scientists in their laboratories, learning about their work first hand. We’d like to thank Ms. Sculerati and Ms Jane He for making this field trip possible for our students. 


Warm regards,

Frank Volpe, PhD                   Naomi Shanks

Upper School Principal           Upper School Vice Principal

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