Principals’ Post #19

Dear SCIS Families,

Athletics and activities took center stage this week at SCIS.  Tuesday a great home crowd and the raucous Jazz Band brought a festive atmosphere to the campus for Big Game Night.   The community came out to celebrate the final home game for our six senior players.  Boys and girls varsity teams will be in action this Saturday at NAIS Pudong in the SISAC tournament as they prepare for their ACAMIS competition in Macau next week.  Friday and Saturday our high school Model United Nations delegation will be attending an MUN conference hosted by Concordia.  Also this weekend, our Lower School and Upper School swimmers will be in action Saturday and Sunday at Dulwich in Jinqiao.  We wish all of our athletes and scholars luck this weekend!


As the second semester gets underway, we would like to remind parents and students the procedure for identifying and signing up for After School Activities (ASAs).  Parents often find it helpful to understand the difference between Upper School and Lower School sign-up procedures.  While Lower School parents are responsible for signing students up for ASAs, in the Upper School the responsibility is on the student.  Over the course of the year, after school clubs, activities, and sports seasons start and end at different times, unlike Lower School ASAs which are all on the same cycle.  Thus, it is important for students to know in advance what ASAs they are interested in so when the season or activity session arrives, they are prepared to sign-up.  To sign-up, students simply need to reach out to the sponsor or show up to the first day of the activity (unless otherwise communicated).  Parents are encouraged to review the overview of ASAs with their child regularly to help them identify activities that suit their interests.  The Upper School ASA document can be found posted on our SCIS-Pudong web-portal HERE.

MYP Grade 10 Personal Project Exhibition
January 22, 9-10am Black Box

As a reminder, we will be celebrating the work of our grade 10 students next Tuesday.  Students have been hard at work since August preparing for next week’s Personal Project Exhibition.  Students selected areas of personal interest and passion which will be on display Tuesday.  This event is in many ways a culmination of the skills and experiences students have had in the MYP.   We invite everyone to join us to for this celebration of student inquiry and learning.  


SCIS has a long tradition of honoring and celebrating the contributions students make to our athletics programs in their time at our school.  Big Game Night celebrates the final home game every season in each of our primary ACAMIS sports: volleyball, basketball, and soccer.  The tradition includes a brief ceremony honoring the senior players. They are presented with gifts and recognized for the positive contributions they have made to our community through their participation in our athletic programs.   Coaches speak briefly to the individual contributions players have made over the course of their time in the program.  Congratulations Jonas Schwantzer, Alex Castillo, Etienne Chiu, Brian Tam, Patrick Williams, and Tejas Rana!


Saturday’s SISAC Basketball Schedule
Boys SISAC Schedule  Girls SISAC Schedule


FOCUS ON: SLEEP                      
As many families return to Shanghai from the time-zones around the world this is an important time to remind ourselves of adolescents unique sleep requirements.  According to the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, adolescents require a minimum of nine hours of sleep a night.  There are many reasons why young people don’t get enough sleep. One recent study conducted by San Diego State University highlights online activity as one reason many students aren’t achieving this sleep target.  According to the study, there is a negative correlation between the hours of sleep each night and the amount of time spent online.  Meaning that the more time students spend on time, the less likely they are to attain the sleep they need.  Read more about how to help your child get the sleep they need on the NHS website

We’d like to encourage families to get out there and support our sports teams this weekend.  Go Dragons!

Warm regards,

Frank Volpe, PhD                   Naomi Shanks

Upper School Principal           Upper School Vice Principal

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