Principals’ Post #18

Dear SCIS Families,

Welcome to Semester 2! Students arrived bright and early on Monday morning, rested, rejuvenated, and eager to reconnect with their friends and teachers. We got right to work–new units are well underway, the basketball season continues– in some ways it is like we never left! 


New Students

We were delighted to welcome 34 new students to SCIS-Pudong this semester, including seven–representing five different countries–who joined us in the Upper School. On Monday afternoon, the school was abuzz with new families, as students purchased uniforms and checked out computers, finalized their schedules and met with their teachers in preparation for their first full day of school on Tuesday. 

The Dragon community spirit ran high the rest of the week, as classmates rushed to help the new students find their way from class to class, settle into their Advisories, and explore the tools on ManageBac. International students know from personal experience how challenging it can be to start in a new school, but they also know how quickly strangers transform into friends. It was gratifying to see these budding friendships form as our new Dragons began to feel at home. 

ASAs in Action

From the very first day of the semester, after school activities were going strong. Please keep in mind that in the Upper School, activities do not run on a rigid calendar, but rather start and stop throughout the year according to the needs and timelines of different groups. Students receive daily morning announcements including notices for different clubs and teams, with instructions on how to join. This week the Athletics department started gathering interest for the upcoming badminton and soccer seasons, the Yearbook Club mapped out their countdown to publication(!), the MS and HS Jazz Bands got back to the rehearsal room, the HS Basketball teams held practice in preparation for this  and much more. If your child needs help deciding what activities to join or needs assistance in getting involved, please refer them to their Advisors, who are always ready to help. 

Looking forward to seeing many of you on campus next week for the PAFA General Meeting on Tuesday 15 January 10am.

Take care, 

Frank Volpe & Naomi Shanks


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