Principals’ Post #15

Dear SCIS Families,

It’s hard to believe but we are now entering the final stretch of the fall semester.  Students are wrapping up units and preparing for summative assessments (please be sure to read more about the semester exam session below).  The end of the semester also brings celebrations and performances.  Thursday night SCIS hosted our annual Winter Arts Night. The community had a chance to witness the incredible work our students have done over the course of this semester.  This Sunday our end of semester celebrations continue with the PAFA sponsored Winter Festival. 

As a reminder, please note that Friday December 14th students will be released at 11:30, prior to lunch.  Friday’s activities will include an International Breakfast and we will conclude the day with a Semester Celebration assembly.  We ask that parents help students prepare a traditional dish from a culture students identify with to share with their classmates on Friday the 14th.  Parents are also welcome to attend the Assembly which will start at approximately 10am.  

Spotlight on Winter Arts

Last night’s event was a showcase of the effort and talent across the Arts program as both curricular and extracurricular groups performed and work was displayed.  Curriculum-based student work and performances in Visual Arts, Film, Design, and Music were featured in the gallery during the first part of the evening.  The community had the chance to speak with the artists, designers, photographers, and musicians.  These interactions gave students the chance to explain their work and answer questions about their inspirations and process.  The level of perseverance, hard work, and talent displayed was exceptional.  The evening then moved to the main stage in the theater with the debut of the Middle School Jazz Band.  They were followed by the string ensemble and evening finished with a entertaining set by High School Jazz band.  We would like to express our thanks to all of the parents who attended.  Finally, we would like to recognize teachers in the Arts Department Mr. Willauer, Mr. Demas, Ms. Whiteside, and Mr. O’Reilly.  Thank you for a wonderful evening!  

Semester Exams

The Upper School semester exams will begin Wednesday December 5th and will end on Monday December 10th.  MYP students in grades 6-10 can expect semester exams to follow a range of formats, just like any regular unit assessments.  In the MYP, the end of semester summative assessments are not weighted more heavily than other unit summative assessments completed over the course of the semester.  However, the exam period does allow for students to practice more formal assessment experiences.  The format of these final assessments will vary by subject group and grade level.  Students in grades 11-12 in the Diploma Program can expect more formal exam style assessments that mimic the format of the external assessment components of each course.  Following exams, students will spend time looking at feedback from their exams, reflecting on their skill development over the semester, and getting a head start on semester 2 units of study.  Final report cards for the fall semester will be published in ManageBac on December 14th.


We’re looking forward to Sunday’s Winter Fest. Hope to see everyone there!

Warm regards,

Frank Volpe, PhD                   Naomi Shanks           

Upper School Principal         Upper School Vice Principal


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