Principals’ Post #8

Dear SCIS Families,

This past Monday teachers returned from the October National Holiday rested and ready for professional development.  Teachers spent Monday working on their craft and preparing for the return of our students on Tuesday.  Monday morning’s training was run by our in-house English Language Acquisition specialists Melissa Lawrence and Alison Roberts.  The focus was on helping teachers further develop strategies to support students who are working to develop their English language skills.  SCIS firmly believes that all teachers are teachers of language. Consequently, we have dedicated significant resources and energy to ensure that our teachers receive necessary training and support to fulfill this objective.

Students hit the ground running this week completing end of unit activities and picking up where they left off with extracurricular activities. Middle School soccer kicked off today with their first games both at home and away.  We have been impressed with the enthusiasm and high levels of participation this season with over 35 students joining in the fun.  Middle School Jazz Band was also in full swing as the started preparing for their first gig.  Finally, High School Volleyball has started the countdown to the ACAMIS tournament which our campus will host November 8th through the 10th

Principals’ Coffee

Tuesday morning we hosted a Principals’ Coffee morning prior to the monthly PAFA meeting.  Dr. Volpe presented an overview of the Middle Years Program with an emphasis on how students are evaluated.  Ms. Shanks provided an introduction to the IB Diploma Program reviewing the required components and course options. Following the introductory IB curriculum framework presentations Ms. Kelly gave parents an update on the Upper School Relationships and Sexuality curriculum. The gathering provided a great chance for parents to learn more about the IB programs offered and SCIS and to gain a deeper understanding of the topics covered by Ms. Kelly in her sessions.

NYU Shanghai

We also hosted NYU Shanghai on campus this week.  Students in grades 9 through 12 had the opportunity to hear directly from the admissions officer on what the experience would be like on campus and what admissions counselors are looking for in student applications.  Students were excited to hear about the NYU opportunity here in Shanghai and benefited in general from learning about the admission process directly from a college admissions representative.  A big thank you to Ms. Kelly for organizing the event.

Mid-Semester Progress Reports

Reports will be posted to ManageBac on Friday, October 19th.  Mid-semester reports will include a progress designation (i.e. “progressing towards classroom expectations”) for each class along with narrative comments describing each student’s individual progress.  We encourage parents to review these reports with your students in preparation for Parent-Teacher-Student conferences on the 25th.  You will receive an email in your parent account notifying you of the publication of this report by 5pm on the 19th and can follow the link to the Reports tab of your child’s ManageBac account. 

Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences  – Thursday October 25th

Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences are an essential opportunity, early in the school year, for parents, teachers and students to come together, discuss the progress already made and set goals for the months to come. 

Conferences are scheduled for the entire day of Thursday, October 25.  All conferences will be booked through our online sign-up portal (linked below).  You will build your own schedule of 10-minute appointments in the time block most convenient for your family. Please note that students are expected to attend the conferences with their parents and participate in the discussion.  All regular classes and activities are cancelled on that day, so students should both arrive and leave together with their parents. 

Online conference sign-ups went live Wednesday, October 10th and end Tuesday, October 23rd at 3pm. Please note that the morning session is filling up very quickly, but there are plenty of slots still available in the afternoon. 

Detailed instructions for using the new sign-up system are included below. The following tips may also help:

        • Before scheduling your appointments, consult with your child(ren) and together make a list of the teachers you plan to meet with.
        • Try starting at the second or third hour of a given block for more openings.
        • If you are scheduling five or more conferences, schedule in a break for yourself. Conferences will start every 10 minutes without exception.
        • If you have two children taught by the same teacher, you may book two slots in a row with that teacher.
        • All conferences will take place on the third floor in designated rooms. You do not need to allow extra time to move between conferences.
        • If you need more time with a teacher, or cannot book the slot you want, you are ALWAYS free to email a teacher directly to schedule a meeting outside of the conference day. 

Sign-ups are open now!

PTC Sign-Up Instructions
TIPS: Making the Most of PTCs

Warm regards,

Frank Volpe, PhD                   Naomi Shanks
Upper School Principal          Upper School Vice Principal

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