Principals’ Post #5

Dear SCIS Families,

The journeys travelled this week have been memorable for students and teachers alike.  We will be reflecting back on and building off of these experiences all year long  The service activities, the opportunities to better understand our host country, the bonding experiences, and pure fun of these trips combine to lay a great foundation for personal relationships and strengthen the bonds of our community. We want to thank parents for the trust they placed in the school this week. By working together we are able to help students maximize their individual growth. Also special thanks to the PAFA Grade Level Reps who helped us share pictures with you throughout the week.  Please read on for more information regarding this week’s trips and important upcoming events.

China Go! Successes

We recommend that parents make a point of sitting with their children to review the successes and challenges of the trip.  This is often best accomplished by sitting with your child and looking through pictures from the trip.  Students are often more likely to open up about their experiences when the focus is not directly on them and you ask specific questions about the trips based on the photos as you view them together.  We have included galleries from each of the trips below to serve as prompts for these conversations.  By taking the time to reflect on these trips with your child you will not only learn about their experience, you will also help solidify the lessons they have learned and help them prepare for the China Go! Advisory activities that will take place next week.

United Nations International Day of Peace

Next Friday, September 21st SCIS will celebrate the United Nations International Day of Peace.  The UN General Assembly has designated this day to draw attention to the importance of focusing on strengthening the ideals of peace.  In the spirit of peace within and across national boundaries, SCIS celebrates UNIDOP day by recognizing and celebrating the diversity that makes our community so special.  Students are encouraged to come to school Friday in the traditional clothing of the culture they most identify with.  We will have an assembly at 1:30pm which parents are invited to attend.  During the assembly each country represented in our community will be called and students will march across the stage together.  We understand that many students identify with multiple nationalities.  Students are welcome to walk with each of the nationalities they identify with.  We hope to see you on Friday!  

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Grade 12

Freedom from Chemical Dependency

Starting September 26th SCIS will be hosting Diane Hu from Freedom from Chemical Dependency. FCD is a global nonprofit organization focused on supporting school-based substance abuse prevention programs.  Students will meet with Diane over the course of two days and will have follow-up activities with our Upper School counselor Ms. Kelly.  There will be an important parent presentation after school Wednesday the 26th at 3:15pm in the Upper School Library Conference Room.  Last year’s participants found the parent meeting extremely helpful.  We hope you will be able to attend.  More information will be provided next week regarding the specifics of the FCD activities.

Frank Volpe, PhD                   Naomi Shanks
Upper School Principal          Upper School Vice Principal

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