Lower School Principal’s Post #35

Dear Lower School Families,

Mr. Kelly reviews health and safety procedures with Grade 5 students on Monday. Many classrooms have been rearranged to ensure students are able to maintain physical distance

It has been a wonderful week as we eagerly welcomed back our Grade 4 and 5 students to campus on Monday.  Their transition back to campus was reminiscent of the beginning of the school year as students excitedly reconnected with their peers and worked with their teachers to learn new health and safety procedures that have been put in place including consistent physical distancing, handwashing and sanitizing during transitions, regular temperature checks, and mask wearing, as well as assigned seating in classrooms.  Students have responded very well to the new protocols and demonstrated their understanding of why these new measures have been put into place.   

Grade 4 students enjoy a fun game of four square during recess.

We have now received information from the Shanghai Education Commission (SEC) about a return to campus date for students in Nursery through Grade 3.   Next week, our ECE classrooms and play spaces (including Kindergarten) will undergo a government inspection to ensure adherence to SEC requirements.  We are confident in our ability to exceed the requirements put forth and be more than prepared to welcome back our youngest learners.  In order to ensure a successful transition of these grade levels back into the school building and ensure the continued health and safety of the community we have implemented a staggered return plan for these students and their families.   

Grade 4 and 5 students are doing an excellent job in the lunch room adhering to the new procedures. Students sit at tables with plastic dividers but are still able to see and talk with their friends.

Although there may only be a few school days remaining prior to the last day of school (June 11th), we are excited to have this opportunity to reconnect with these students and be together as we wind down the final days of what has been an incredible and unprecedented 2019-2020 school year.

Grade 5 students, Eri, Alex, Athena and Moira enjoying a new game during recess.

In order for students in Kindergarten through Grade 3 to return to campus, parents will need to ensure their child(ren) follow the below Return to Campus Procedures and Reminders.

Please note that at this time the return to campus information stated below is only applicable to parents of students in Kindergarten through Grade 3.  All students enrolled in Nursery, Preschool, and Prekindergarten  will continue with the Parental Guidance Program and further information will be shared via scis-parent email surrounding the return to campus procedures for our youngest learners. 

Return to Campus Procedures and Reminders:

Before returning to campus, each student must:

  1. have been physically present in China and have not travelled to Hubei province within the past 14 days
  2. have completed all quarantine requirements and have a Green Health Code. [Students who do not have smart phones may use their parents codes.]
  3. monitor their daily temperature and other symptoms for a minimum of five days before their first day of coming to campus.   
  • For students in Grades 1-3, parents must start taking students’ temperatures on or before Wednesday, May 27th.   Here is a link to the online form that will need to be completed by parents of students in Grades 1-3 each day until Tuesday, June 2nd.   Parents will need to submit this form on Saturday and Sunday as well.
  • For students in Kindergarten, parents must start taking students’ temperatures on or before Thursday, May 28th.   Here is a link to the online form that will need to be completed by parents of students in Kindergarten each day until Wednesday, June 3rd.   Parents will need to submit this form on Saturday and Sunday as well.

If your child does not yet meet the above requirements, we will continue to support their virtual learning as long as is needed.

Return to Campus Procedures

Students pass through the thermal temperature station before exiting the building and boarding their school bus.
  1. All parents/guardians must take their child/ren’s temperature and check them for other symptoms every morning before school. Please do not send your child/children to school if they have any symptoms of illness.  Students with an elevated temperature of 37.3°C or above will not be permitted to board the bus or to enter the school building.
  2. Morning home health checks, along with other pertinent information, must be documented on the Daily Student Health Card Students are required to bring a hard copy of their Daily Student Health Card every day.  They will show this card and their or one of their parent’s Green QR Code (QR Code Procedures Hereto the Bus Monitor before boarding the bus.  The Bus Monitor will collect the student’s health card and give the card to the Lower School Secretary upon arrival.   Students who do not submit their Daily Student Health Card and a Green QR Code (theirs or a parents) will not be permitted to board the bus or enter the school building.
  3. Students must board the busses and arrive to school with masks.  All staff and students are required to wear masks for the duration of the school day.   Parents are required to provide 2 masks for their child each day.   It is recommended that parents provide surgical masks for their child.  N95 masks are not recommended.
  4. Only students and staff are able to enter the SCIS-Pudong campus at this time. Parents will continue to participate in campus life virtually, through Seesaw and Microsoft Teams.
  5. Students should ensure they bring the following items with them to school each day:  a water bottle that is labelled with the child’s name, and a hearty and healthy daily morning snack.

We have been preparing for this day since our campus closed in February and will continue to do everything in our power to make sure our return and reunion is safe and positive.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are all in this together.

Return to Campus Parent Meeting

All Grade Kindergarten through Grade 3 families are asked to join the Return to Campus orientation meeting on Monday, May 25th at 3:00pm via Microsoft Teams.   Please click this link to join the meeting.  This meeting will be led by Mr. Luebbe, while Ms. Gale will be available to answer specific questions.   If at any point you have questions during this meeting please input your questions into this Microsoft Form. 

Return to Campus Parent and Student Information

When students arrive at school they will turn in their daily health form to Ms. Vicki before entering the building.

All SCIS-Pudong families are encouraged to visit the SCIS-Pudong Return to Campus Webpage that has been developed in effort to provide clear information surrounding what to expect upon a return to campus.  The webpage contains informative videos depicting new processes and procedures to ensure health and safety protocols are met, as well as information related to health tracking for students, faculty, and staff.  Additionally, school bus protocols, general health and hygiene protocols, and entrance and exit procedures are clearly articulated to ensure clarity and transparency surrounding return to campus procedures.   The content on the webpage will continue to evolve so we encourage families to visit the page regularly.  

Return to Campus Video for Students and Parents

In addition to the information provided in the parent portal we have also prepared an orientation video for students.  This will provide all students with an idea of some of the new procedures we have implemented to ensure the ongoing health and safety of the community.

Scholastic Books

For parents who placed scholastic book orders back in October, the book orders have arrived and will be distributed to the students in Grades 4 and 5 who ordered books on Monday.  Students in Nursery through Grade 3 who placed an order for scholastic books can arrange a time to pick up their books from campus by contacting Ms. Vicki Xu, the Lower School Secretary at vxu@scis-china.org

SCIS-Pudong Lower School Summer Program

Julia and Eleanor in Grade 5 enjoy some of our new playground equipment during recess.

All parents should have received information via their scis-parent email account surrounding Summer Program registration.  Within the Lower School, the Summer Program will be structured through a transdisciplinary approach based upon the IB PYP Primary Years Programme.   Each week, students across grade levels will inquire into various aspects of one transdisciplinary theme that will include elements of literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies.  Additionally, students will also be participating in a variety of activities that will support their continued physical and social-emotional growth and development.  Students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 will participate in a full-day summer program, while students in Nursery, Preschool, and Prekindergarten will be provided with a half-day program.  If you have any questions surrounding the structure of the Summer Program please connect with Miss Malika Meidinger, the Lower School Summer Program Coordinator.

SCIS-Pudong End-of-the-Year Community Video

Helping Parents Manage Frustration Dr. Molly Myers

As a school we recognize this period of campus closure has been difficult for parents as families struggle to balance work, child care, and self-care while keeping worries – both your children’s and your own- under control.  To help parents understand ways they can better manage frustration they may be experiencing with their child(ren), Dr. Molly Myers, a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator has put together an online webinar to support parents during this time. 

How to Talk with your Child about COVID-19

For information on how to talk with your children about COVID-19 below are several resources you can refer to:

If you notice your child is still worried or anxious, be assured that this is a normal reaction, and continue conversations and providing care for your child. If you find that additional support is needed, please reach out to Mrs. Luebbe (lluebbe@scis-china.org) who can refer you to outside counseling or to schedule time with you or your child to make a plan on how to support them during this time.  In the meantime please also refer to the SCIS Virtual Learning Survival Guide in effort to provide some connection, communication, and resources that will support you and your child during this time.

IT Support with Virtual Learning  

Given various challenges related to technology access and internet reliability please feel free to reach out to our SCIS-Pudong IT Department at pd-technology@scis-china.org if you experience any issues or complications with Seesaw and/or other technology platforms.  We appreciate your support and are here to help you make virtual learning a success in any way we can.


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