Lower School Principal’s Post #33

Dear Lower School Families,

Michael in 3V shows off his PE moves while wearing his SCIS shirt.

As mentioned in last week’s Principal’s Post we will be welcoming Grades 4 and 5 back to campus on Monday, May 18th.  This past Wednesday, students in Grades 10 and 12 returned, and next Monday, May 11th, Grades 9 and 11 will join their peers on campus.  At this time, the SEC and District Educational Bureaus have not provided information surrounding return to campus dates for students in Nursery through Grade 3. 

As we welcome our Grade 4 and 5 students back to campus please know that our highest priority is the health and safety of each and every member of our community. We are committed to making SCIS a safe space to learn and to work for all Dragons: students and teachers, support staff and drivers, ayis and cafeteria workers…each and every one of us.  In order to do so, we have developed a detailed plan based on guidance from the World Health Organization, the Centers of Disease Control of multiple countries, and the local authorities with whom we are in constant communication. We understand that keeping each individual safe will require constant vigilance by the entire community. The “C” in SCIS is more important now than ever before.

Gabriel in 4R shows his mathematical thinking using pictures, numbers, and words.

This week Lower School faculty have been involved in reviewing the Health and Safety guidelines and working through various procedures, protocols, and scenarios to develop a shared understanding of how we will ensure the health and safety of our entire community during this transition back to on campus learning. 

In addition, we are relying on every Dragon family to support the health and safety of our community through these essential measures:

Please note that at this time the return to campus information stated below is only applicable to parents of students in Grades 4 and 5.  All students enrolled in Nursery through Grade 3 will continue Virtual Learning until further information surrounding a return to campus date is provided by the SEC. If you have any questions surrounding Return to Campus procedures, please input your questions into this form and we will post answers to your questions on the Return to Campus section of our Pudong Web Portal.

Before returning to campus, each student must:

  1. have been physically present in China and have not travelled to Hubei province within the past 14 days,
    1. have completed all quarantine requirements and have a Green Health Code. [Students who do not have smart phones may use their parents codes.]
    1. monitor their daily temperature and other symptoms for a minimum of five days before their first day of coming to campus. Parents must start taking students’ temperatures on or before Wednesday, May 13th.   Here is a link to the online form that will need to be completed by parents of students in Grades 4 and 5 starting on or before next Wednesday, May 13th.

If your child does not yet meet these requirements, we will continue to support their virtual learning as long as is needed.

Return to Campus Procedures

  1. All parents/guardians must take their child/ren’s temperature and check them for other symptoms every morning before school. Please do not send your child/children to school if they have any symptoms of illness.  Students with an elevated temperature of 37.3°C or above will not be permitted to board the bus or to enter the school building.
  2. Morning home health checks, along with other pertinent information, must be documented on the Daily Student Health Card.  Students are required to bring a hard copy of their Daily Student Health Card every day.  They will show this card and their or one of their parent’s Green QR Code (QR Code Procedures Hereto the Bus Monitor before boarding the bus.  The Bus Monitor will collect the student’s health card and give the card to the Lower School Secretary upon arrival.   Students who do not submit their Daily Student Health Card and a Green QR Code (theirs or a parents) will not be permitted to board the bus or enter the school building.
  3. Students must board the busses and arrive to school with masks.  All staff and students are required to wear masks for the duration of the school day.   Parents are required to provide 2 masks for their child each day.   It is recommended that parents provide surgical masks for their child.  N95 masks are not recommended.
  4. Only students and staff are able to enter the SCIS-Pudong campus at this time. Parents will continue to participate in campus life virtually, through Seesaw and Microsoft Teams.
  5. All families are asked to review together the safety protocols that will be laid out at the Return to Campus orientation meeting on Tuesday, May 12th at 3:30pm.  Students and parents should attend the presentation together on Microsoft Teams.  A link to join the presentation will be sent to all parents of students in Grades 4 and 5 on Monday.  The presentation will be posted online after the meeting. 

We have been preparing for this day since our campus closed in February and will continue to do everything in our power to make sure our return and reunion is safe and positive.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are all in this together.

Edward in 1G celebrates Crazy Hair Day virtually!

Return to Campus Parent and Student Information

All SCIS-Pudong families are encouraged to visit the SCIS-Pudong Return to Campus Webpage that has been developed in effort to provide clear information surrounding what to expect upon a return to campus.  The webpage contains informative videos depicting new processes and procedures to ensure health and safety protocols are met, as well as information related to health tracking for students, faculty, and staff.  Additionally, school bus protocols, general health and hygiene protocols, and entrance and exit procedures are clearly articulated to ensure clarity and transparency surrounding return to campus procedures.   The content on the webpage will continue to evolve so we encourage families to visit the page regularly.  

Rory in PS presents a beautiful bouquet of flowers

Happy Mother’s Day!

Wishing all of our AMAZING DRAGON MOTHER’S a very happy Mothers Day this Sunday.  Being a mother is hard work and we want to say thank you for all you do each and every day for your child(ren) and for our school.   We hope you are showered with love this weekend and know how much you are appreciated!

Aubreigh in 3J writes a lovely poem to honor her Mother on Mother’s Day.

Information on Masks for Students at School

In light of the recent tragedies experienced during PE class at a couple of local Chinese schools outside of Shanghai we set out to further explore best practices for keeping all of our students safe. For those of you who may not know, students at the Chinese schools were participating in the mandatory endurance run required for the following school years admission application. In an attempt to be safe from Covid-19, both students were wearing N95 masks while participating in this endurance run exam. In response to this tragedy, the SEC has allowed some flexibility on how Shanghai schools can improve their PE programs to allow students to remove their masks as long as social distancing is ensured.

In order to learn more about the usage of masks and their role in PE class we reached out to our long time medical partner and advisor, XpertHealth. Over the past 3 years XpertHealth has provided both our Pudong and Hongqiao campuses with certified Athletic Trainers (ATs) to care for all of our dragon athletes and to provide free consultations for our faculty & staff. On this topic of masks, the Xperthealth recommendation was clear, “No N95 masks should be used during physical activity”.  They state that there is “too much restriction in oxygen intake and CO2 output for any activity level”. When we asked them to share their thoughts on the possible effects of general surgical masks, which are the most commonly used around town, they commented that they would fine for “low to mid level activity, but would recommend to not use any masks for heavy activity”, like the endurance run examinations that took place at the schools mentioned above. In addition to masks, Xperthealth recommended that all teachers be aware of other factors that may have an effect, especially when wearing masks including: the temperature, the humidty, whether the class/event is taking place outdoors vs indoors, pre-exisiting respiratory issues, etc.

XpertHealth will continue to update us as more information becomes available and further research done. On our end, here at SCIS, we have communicated the following policy to our PE teachers and the entire faculty:

PE classes will continue and students can expect to be appropriately active. Students will need to continue wearing masks as noted on the SCIS faculty (and student) website. Exceptions to this policy will be made by the PE teacher based on their professional judgement according to activity level, weather, and social distancing within the activity.

The safety and wellbeing of all of our students continues to be a top priority for us while providing them the best learning experience possible.

Virtual Parent Community Circles

Ivy in 4R shares her beautiful art work she created for open studio day.

The SCIS Social Emotional Support Team, made up of divisional school counselors, has been working to support the SCIS community during the school closure.  As we continue to transition and settle into the shifts that are taking place in the larger world around us, the SCIS-Pudong Lower School Counselor, Mrs. Laurie Luebbe would like to invite any interested parents to join in a Virtual Community Circle as a way to explore and process emotions stemming from the complex facets of Covid-19’s impact on our lives.  We invite you to join this virtual circle as a way to connect with other parents and create a safe space through which to acknowledge the journey you are on, as we continue to navigate that which is unknown.

If you would be interested in joining a Parent Community Circle please let us know your preferred days and times by completing this short interest survey.

How to Talk with your Child about COVID-19

For information on how to talk with your children about COVID-19 below are several resources you can refer to:

If you notice your child is still worried or anxious, be assured that this is a normal reaction, and continue conversations and providing care for your child. If you find that additional support is needed, please reach out to Mrs. Luebbe (lluebbe@scis-china.org) who can refer you to outside counseling or to schedule time with you or your child to make a plan on how to support them during this time.  In the meantime please also refer to the SCIS Virtual Learning Survival Guide in effort to provide some connection, communication, and resources that will support you and your child during this time.

IT Support with Virtual Learning  

Given various challenges related to technology access and internet reliability please feel free to reach out to our SCIS-Pudong IT Department at pd-technology@scis-china.org if you experience any issues or complications with Seesaw and/or other technology platforms.  We appreciate your support and are here to help you make virtual learning a success in any way we can.

School Attendance and Student Participation:

During the Virtual Learning period student attendance will not be taken; however, assignment completion will be used to validate student participation and progress in virtual learning.  Students will be afforded a flexible 48-hour window in order to participate in a way that allows them to complete assignments.  Students / parents should communicate with their teacher(s) if more time is needed surrounding specific assignments. 

Additionally, we recognize that students may not be able to complete all assignments due to families varying circumstances including access to appropriate technology and internet reliability.  Please know that while students will not be penalized academically, lack of participation in the online learning platform may hinder progress against the grade level core or subject area standards.   As such, if students do not partake in the learning experiences it will be difficult for teachers to assess and report on student progress which may potentially result in students receiving the achievement indicator IE (insufficient evidence), AE (approaching grade level expectation), or NME (not meeting grade level expectation) on the student’s semester report.


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