Lower School Principal’s Post #32

Dear Lower School Families,

Siblings Gigi in 2S and Bella in 3J do something in their community in response to a learning assignment posted for Gigi’s current Unit of Inquiry.

This week all administrators and members of our support staff were on campus preparing for the return of students in Grades 10 and 12 next Wednesday, May 6th.   As you likely saw from Mr. Eschtruth’s email that was shared on April 26th we will welcome students back by grade levels according to the following schedule in the coming weeks:

  • Grades 10 & 12:  Wednesday, May 6
  • Grades 9 & 11: Monday, May 11
  • Grades 4-8: Monday May 18
  • All other grade levels will have return to campus announcements made once we have confirmation from the SEC and District Educational Bureaus.

Please know the Return-to-Campus Team has been working extremely hard to ensure that we are excelling in adhering to all the Health and Safety Guidelines that have been set forth by the Shanghai Education Commission.  Starting on Monday, all Lower School faculty that are in Shanghai will be working from campus.  As stated in last week’s Principal’s Post, out of 32 Lower School faculty members, 28 are currently located in Shanghai.  We feel extremely fortunate to have such a large percentage of our faculty in Shanghai so that we can work together to ensure a safe and successful return for Lower School students in the coming weeks. 

Students in 3V go on a virtual field-trip together as part of their current unit of inquiry.

Once again, all lower school faculty whether they are in Shanghai or abroad continue to work extremely hard to ensure that all students needs are met during this time.  If at any point you have any questions surrounding your child’s virtual learning experience please do not hesitate to reach out to their homeroom or specialist teacher(s).

Alice in KM shares the steps she takes to prepare a comfy reading spot.

Return to Campus Parent and Student Information

Aria in 2S provides 3 convincing reasons as to why her teacher should drink natural juice.

All SCIS-Pudong families are encouraged to visit the SCIS-Pudong Return to Campus Webpage that has been developed in effort to provide clear information surrounding what to expect upon our return to campus.  The webpage contains informative videos depicting new processes and procedures to ensure health and safety protocols are met, as well as information related to health tracking for students, faculty, and staff.  Additionally, school bus protocols, general health and hygiene protocols, and entrance and exit procedures are clearly articulated to ensure clarity and transparency surrounding return to campus procedures.

Students in 4B have been discussing ways they can make safe and responsible choices upon their return to school on May 18th.

May 1st Holiday:

Please note that tomorrow, Friday, May 1st is a legal Chinese holiday and teachers will not be posting assignments or holding live learning sessions on this day.  We hope you use this 3-day weekend as an opportunity to enjoy time together as a family – especially with the warm Spring weather that is starting to appear for those currently in Shanghai.   

Liah in 1K shares her dance moves in response to a music assignment focused on dancing to the beat.

Learner Profile Recognitions:

Bijou in 2M proudly shows off her Learner Profile Recognition.

This week we’d like to acknowledge many of our Lower School students who have been recognized by their teachers for displaying one or more of the Learner Profile Attributes over the course of the past two weeks.  A big CONGRATULATIONS to all our Learner Profile Recognition recipients!

  • Aaron Parrish in 2M is being recognized by Ms. Muy for being Knowledgeable.
  • Abi Jung is Grade 5 recognizedby Mr. Kelly for being a Thinker.
  • Alice Sant Anna Da Silva is recognized by Miss Meidinger and Ms. Mount for being a Risk-Taker.
  • Bijou Harima in 2M is being recognized by Ms. Muy for being a Thinker.
  • Julie Lee in 3J is being recognized by Mrs. Johnson for being a Communicator.
  • Eri Zhao in Grade 5is recognizedby Mr. Kelly for being Reflective.
  • Mehansh Gupta is recognized by Miss Meidinger and Ms. Mount for being a Communicator.
  • Lucy Marcos in 3J is being recognized by Mrs. Johnson for being a Communicator.
  • Rodrigo Encinas in Grade 5is recognizedby Mr. Kelly for being Principled.
  • Tate Valenza in Grade 5is recognizedby Mr. Kelly for being Principled.
  • Tommaso Auriemma in Grade 5is recognizedby Mr. Kelly for being a Communicator.
  • Victor Wang in Grade 5is recognizedby Mr. Kelly for being Knowledgeable.
  • Shrivisakan Balasubramanian in Grade 5is recognizedby Mr. Kelly for being a Thinker.
  • Yi Heng Jiang is recognized by Miss Meidinger and Ms. Mount for being a Knowledgeable.

Virtual Parent Community Circles

Yu Vern in Ms. Amy’s class shares her watermelon creation.

The SCIS Social Emotional Support Team, made up of divisional school counselors, has been working to support the SCIS community during the school closure.  As we continue to transition and settle into the shifts that are taking place in the larger world around us, the SCIS-Pudong Lower School Counselor, Mrs. Laurie Luebbe would like to invite any interested parents to join in a Virtual Community Circle as a way to explore and process emotions stemming from the complex facets of Covid-19’s impact on our lives.  We invite you to join this virtual circle as a way to connect with other parents and create a safe space through which to acknowledge the journey you are on, as we continue to navigate that which is unknown.

If you would be interested in joining a Parent Community Circle please let us know your preferred days and times by completing this short interest survey.

How to Talk with your Child about COVID-19

Ms. Gutierrez checks in with students in 1G by asking them to share what “color” they are and why. Students have been taught to associate different colors with feelings.

For information on how to talk with your children about COVID-19 below are several resources you can refer to:

If you notice your child is still worried or anxious, be assured that this is a normal reaction, and continue conversations and providing care for your child. If you find that additional support is needed, please reach out to Mrs. Luebbe (lluebbe@scis-china.org) who can refer you to outside counseling or to schedule time with you or your child to make a plan on how to support them during this time.  In the meantime please also refer to the SCIS Virtual Learning Survival Guide in effort to provide some connection, communication, and resources that will support you and your child during this time.

IT Support with Virtual Learning  

Graham in 1G explains how to tell time in increments of 5 minutes.

Given various challenges related to technology access and internet reliability please feel free to reach out to our SCIS-Pudong IT Department at pd-technology@scis-china.org if you experience any issues or complications with Seesaw and/or other technology platforms.  We appreciate your support and are here to help you make virtual learning a success in any way we can.

School Attendance and Student Participation:

During the Virtual Learning period student attendance will not be taken; however, assignment completion will be used to validate student participation and progress in virtual learning.  Students will be afforded a flexible 48-hour window in order to participate in a way that allows them to complete assignments.  Students / parents should communicate with their teacher(s) if more time is needed surrounding specific assignments. 

Additionally, we recognize that students may not be able to complete all assignments due to families varying circumstances including access to appropriate technology and internet reliability.  Please know that while students will not be penalized academically, lack of participation in the online learning platform may hinder progress against the grade level core or subject area standards.   As such, if students do not partake in the learning experiences it will be difficult for teachers to assess and report on student progress which may potentially result in students receiving the achievement indicator IE (insufficient evidence), AE (approaching grade level expectation), or NME (not meeting grade level expectation) on the student’s semester report.


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