Lower School Principal’s Post #16

Dear Families,

What a busy, fun and festive week we have had in the Lower School as students and teachers wrap up or begin new units of inquiry, engage in new learning experiences and count down the days until the upcoming Winter Holiday. 

The Kindergarten through Grade 5 Winter Concert titled, “In Our Happy Place,” was certainly a major highlight this week for our Lower School Community. During this event students proudly and confidently took the stage and performed original compositions that were developed collaboratively within each grade level.  I’m very proud of all students for their hard work, creativity and commitment leading up to, and during the Winter Concert.  Additionally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. DeVeor Rainey for the endless hours of work and preparation she put into guiding students on this musical journey and inspiring them to create, compose and perform.  I would also like to thank all Lower School teachers for their support during rehearsals, as well as for ensuring students transitioned successfully on and off the stage.  It was truly a magical and original event that showcased both the process of musical creation, as well as the culmination of a fantastic performance.

PS/PK Artists Display their Creativity

Ms. DeVeor helped students kick off the opening of the art gallery with a song students have been practicing during Music class. Several courageous students volunteered to showcase the dance movements.

Another great highlight of the week took place on Thursday morning when students in our multi-age Preschool / Prekindergarten classes had their first big learning celebration of the semester, during which parents, teachers, students, and special friends were invited to an Art Gallery Exhibition featuring some of the beautiful and creative pieces students crafted throughout their current unit of inquiry “How we Express Ourselves:  Art and Artists.”  During this unit, students formulated an understanding that artists express themselves in different ways.  Throughout their inquiry, they learned about the different forms of art, what people can learn by creating art, and how artists use tools and different materials to construct art.  During the Art Gallery, children reflected on their own artwork and shared information surrounding the process they went through to create such imaginative pieces.   A great big shout-out to Ms. Aleksa, Ms. Adika, Ms. Amy, Ms. Tami, and all Mandarin Assistants and Assistant Teachers for guiding students during the past 8 weeks and providing opportunities for them to be creative risk-takers and express themselves through various forms of art! 

Winter Break

The last day of Semester 1 is next Friday, December 13th.  If your family intends on leaving early or if you plan on picking your child up from school, please let the front office know as soon as possible. 

Congratulations to 3J Authors

Congratulations to all student authors in 3J who enthusiastically shared their “All About” books with parents and other community members on Friday, prior to the Winter Concert. The informational books were filled with fantastic descriptions, diagrams, pictures, and glossaries on a range of topics students were passionate and interested to write about. Keep up the great writing 3J!

Semester 1 Student Reports

Mr. Ian and Mr. Kelly team up during a Math Team meeting on Thursday.

Semester 1 student reports will be distributed via a link sent to parents’ SCIS parent email account on the afternoon of December 13th.  Reports are meant to provide parents with an opportunity to understand their child’s progress against the grade level standards and expectations at this point in the school year.  If you have any questions surrounding your child’s report, please connect with your child’s classroom or specialist teacher in January.

Seeking Positive Discipline Parenting Workshop Input

We are seeking Lower School Parent input surrounding ideal days / times to host our next series of Positive Discipline parenting workshops.  Positive Discipline parenting workshops usually consist of four 3-hour sessions for a total of 12-hours. There is a possibility we will be able to provide bilingual translation, so the workshop could be in English and Chinese if there is enough parent interest.  Please help us determine the ideal days and times by completing this short Positive Discipline Parent interest survey.  Your input is greatly appreciated.


我们正在为下一期的正面管教课程做准备的同征求一些意见或建议。通常正面管教课程是4节课每节课3小时总课时为12小时。如果有更多的家长参与进来的话我们将提供双语课程即中英文课程。请完成这个简单的正面管教调查表(short Positive Discipline Parent interest survey. )来帮助我们规划课程的日期及时间。非常感谢您的支持。

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