Lower School Principal’s Post #14

Dear Families,

Ms. Briton guides Grade 5 students as they design and create monochromatic landscapes in connection with their current unit of inquiry focused on migration.

It has been a busy week within the SCIS-Pudong Lower School as grade levels wrap up their second unit of inquiry and begin their third and final unit for the semester.  With only 3 weeks left of Semester One students are completely immersed in a wide variety of fantastic learning experiences across the curriculum that are student-centered, inquiry-based, and provide students with opportunities to explore their interests and develop the skills needed to be independent, self-directed learners.  

Lower School faculty working collaboratively in their PYP Self-Study Groups to reflect upon all aspects of the lower school curriculum.

As educators, we are constantly reflecting upon the ways in which we can improve the learning experience and ensure that students are making progress towards achieving the schoolwide learner outcomes, as well as the standards for each subject area across the curriculum.  This past Monday, Lower School Teachers, in collaboration with Mandarin Assistants and Assistant Teachers delved into various aspects of the written, taught, and assessed components of the curriculum, as well as the opportunities available for collaborative planning in order to evaluate how we can further improve our practices in order to have the optimal impact on learning.   As we explore evidence related to student achievement data and engagement in learning, we continue to be extremely proud of the programs we have in place and the progress students are making related to all aspects of teaching and learning within the Lower School. 

Dr. Sheila from New York Dental visits Grade 1 to discuss healthy habits related to dental hygiene. Thank you Dr. Sheila for making the time to share your expertise with our Grade 1 Learners as they inquire into the many ways they can live healthy and balanced lives.

As parents, we continue to appreciate your support and encourage you to also take the time to reflect with your child(ren) on their progress and celebrate the incredible work that they do each and every day.

Spirit Week is Next Week!

Please support your child as they participate in a schoolwide Spirit Week starting with Pajama Day on Monday, November 25th!  Students have the option throughout the week to come to school in their uniform or participate in Spirit Week!  We hope they choose the latter.  Below is an overview of the different themes for each day of Spirit Week.

  • Monday, November 25th: Pajama Day
  • Tuesday, November 26th: Crazy Hair Day 
  • Wednesday, November 27th: Mis-Match Day (wear clothes that do not match such as stripes and polka-dots or different colored shoes/socks)
  • Thursday, November 28th: Backwards Day (wear your clothes backwards)
  • Friday, November 29th: Greens and Jeans

Congratulations 3J

On Thursday, students in 3J took the Theater stage and presented a fantastic rendition of the story, The Great Kapok Tree:  A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest by Lynne Cherry.  Adorned with beautiful costumes depicting the various creatures of the rainforest, students in 3J spoke loudly, clearly, and enthusiastically as they shared the beautiful tale of the Great Kapok Tree.  Wonderful Job 3J – Way to be risk-takers!

Grade 2 Engineers Unveil their Simple Machine Creations

On Friday morning, Grade 2 students gathered in the Black Box to present their creative and innovative ideas, designs, and machine prototypes that evolved as a result of their most recent unit of inquiry, Where we are in Place and Time focused on Simple Machines.  During this unit students explored the function of simple machines (how they work) and the impact of simple machines on our lives over time.  During the learning celebration, students shared the journey of their inquiry into simple machines that included documentation of the learning process through the use of the book creator app.  Parents, teachers, and younger and older students alike were amazed by the knowledge and creativity that was present from all Grade 2 students as they proudly showcased their learning journey and innovative designs.  

Shout-out to KM!

On Thursday, students in Miss Meidinger’s Kindergarten class opened the KM Bookstore where they sold a variety of self-published books covering a range of topics.  During the bookstore opening, KM authors took great pride in reading their texts to parents, students, and teachers.  Although there were several copies available of the books, many were completely sold out by the end of the event.  Way to go, KM authors!

Lower School Winter Concerts

Please mark your calendars for the Lower School Winter Concert Performance which will take place on Friday, December 6th at 1:30pm for students in Kindergarten through Grade 5.  The concert titled, “In Our Happy Place,” will showcase student music videos, original music compositions and lots of singing and dancing. We look forward to seeing all parents at what is certain to be a fantastic event!   Below is information on the concert attire required for each grade level:

  • KINDERGARTEN students are asked to wear their PE uniform as their concert attire
  • GRADE 1students are asked to wear blue jeans and a white t-shirt
  • GRADE 2 students are asked to wear their favorite pajamas
  • GRADE 3 students are asked to wear all black clothing
  • GRADES 4 & 5 students are asked to wear 1970’s Disco-inspired fashion

Scholastic Books

All Lower School students should have received a Scholastic Book Catalogue last week.  Information on how to order scholastic books can be found on the back of the catalogue.  Please ensure that all book orders are completed by November 26th.  Please note, that for every purchase the SCIS community makes towards a book order, the school receives points that can be used for additional book purchases for classroom libraries.

Limiting the Loss of Personal Belongings

With the recent change in weather and the need for students to come to school in multiple layers of clothing, we ask that parents take extra care to label all of your child’s personal belongings.  In the event, that an item is misplaced, the item can easily be returned to its owner if it is properly labeled with the child’s name and grade. 

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