Lower School Principal’s Post #13

Dear Families,

This PLT is focused on developing a deeper understanding of Positive Discipline and social-emotional learning and development.

At SCIS-Pudong we believe that professional development and collaboration is essential to building a strong curricular program focused on implementing research-based best practices across all subject areas and disciplines throughout the school.  As part of our annual Teacher Growth and Evaluation Process teachers work together in Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) to engage in rich pedagogical discussion and reflection surrounding aspects of their professional SMART goal.  Within the Lower School, all teachers must develop two SMART goals each year related to an aspect of the school’s annual curricular initiatives.  This year, the Lower School has four key focus areas:  Inclusion, Assessment, Social-Emotional Learning, and Mathematics Workshop with a focus on Number Talks.  In this way, all faculty are part of a greater professional learning community that is driven by clear goals and objectives.  According to DuFour and Eaker (1998) the six core principals of professional learning communities are:

  • the promotion of a culture of collaboration
  • the development and implementation of a shared mission, vision, and values
  • the implementation of collective inquiry into best practice
  • action-oriented
  • a focus on continuous improvement
  • a focus on results

We are excited about continuing to develop our PLT model and look forward to sharing the results of our inquiries into best practices within our four key focus areas with you towards the end of the school year.   

Kosei and Soichiro discuss and interested book before the school day begins.

Limiting the Loss of Personal Belongings

With the recent change in weather and the need for students to come to school in multiple layers of clothing, we ask that parents take extra care to label all of your child’s personal belongings.  In the event, that an item is misplaced, the item can easily be returned to its owner if it is properly labeled with the child’s name and grade. 

Lower School Assembly featuring 3J

Student in 3J listen as Jerry explains his reasoning during a class number talk.

The next Lower School Assembly will take place on Thursday, November 21st beginning at 8:15am in the Theater.  3J will be presenting the story, The Great Kapok Tree:  A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest by Lynne Cherry.  This amazing story will certainly get the audience thinking about the disastrous ways in which humans are affecting rainforests and the many beautiful creatures and animals that reside there.  We look forward to seeing many parents at the assembly!

Mrs. Ruf confers with Aedan during writing workshop.

Scholastic Books

All Lower School students should have received a Scholastic Book Catalogue this week.  Information on how to order scholastic books can be found on the back of the catalogue.  Scholastic book orders are due next Friday, November 22nd.   After Friday, students will no longer be able to order books.  Please note, that for every purchase the SCIS community makes towards a book order, the school receives points that can be used for additional book purchases for classroom libraries.

Lower School Winter Concerts

Please mark your calendars for the Lower School Winter Concert Performance which will take place on Friday, December 6th at 1:30pm for students in Kindergarten through Grade 5.  The concert titled, “In Our Happy Place,” will showcase student music videos, original music compositions and lots of singing and dancing. We look forward to seeing all parents at what is certain to be a fantastic event!   Below is information on the concert attire required for each grade level:

  • KINDERGARTEN students are asked to wear their PE uniform as their concert attire
  • GRADE 1 students are asked to wear blue jeans and a white t-shirt
  • GRADE 2 students are asked to wear their favorite pajamas
  • GRADE 3 students are asked to wear all black clothing
  • GRADES 4 & 5 students are asked to wear 1970’s Disco-inspired fashion

Shout-out to 3V

On Wednesday morning, parents of students in 3V joined the class for an interactive inquiry into how the earth changes and what causes the changes.   Students, parents, and other members of the community delved into various experiments were predictions were made, experiments were implemented, and observations were recorded.   Many of the experiments could be easily replicated at home and parents were provided with a wonderful opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of what inquiry-based learning looks like at SCIS-Pudong.

Parent-Teacher Conference Reflection

Although Parent-Teacher Conferences were a little over 3 weeks ago, we’d like to get parents’ opinions on their conference experience.  We request that you take a few minutes to complete this very short survey to help us better understand how Parent-Teacher conferences can be improved for the future.  Thank you very much for your time and feedback!

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