Lower School Principal’s Post #10

Dear Families,

What a super busy, but fantastic week at SCIS-Pudong!  I have received many positive comments from both parents, as well as teachers surrounding Parent-Teacher Conferences and I’d like to say thank you to the parents for making the time in your schedule to attend your child’s conference.  Also, thank you to all teachers for the work and effort you put into preparing for the conferences.  

Please keep in mind that conferences can be scheduled at any point in the year should you have a concern or if you’d simply like to touch base and discuss various aspects of your child’s learning.  According to Jane Hull, “the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents” and we look forward to many more opportunities to engage you in your child’s learning journey at SCIS-pudong this year. 

PAFA Sponsored Halloween Party at SCIS

The PAFA Sponsored Halloween Party is tomorrow and we are looking forward to seeing all SCIS families participate in this fun event!  Tomorrow’s event will begin at 12:00pm and conclude at 3:00pm.  Everyone is encouraged to participate and come dressed in a Halloween costume!

Halloween Busing Times & Locations

  • Bus#01, Shimao Riviera  Depart 11:20
  • 1 Weifang Road Gate 世茂滨江 潍坊西路1号大门
  • Bus#02, Green Court  Depart 11:20
  • 777 Biyun Road, Lan’an road gate  碧云花园(碧云路777号蓝桉路大门), 
  • Kerry Hotel     Depart 11:30
  • 嘉里城酒店花木路1388号
  • Bus#03, Emerald   Depart 11:30 and 12:00
  • Emerald Club House  绿宝园会所


(Northwest Evaluation Association / Measurement of Academic Progress)

The fall NWEA MAPs testing session has now closed and results will be sent home with students in Grades 2 through 10 next Friday, November 2nd.  We recognize that interpreting the test results can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the MAPs test and therefore we will be hosting a Principal’s Coffee Morning on Wednesday, November 7th led by Dr. Volpe.  The session will begin at 10:00am in room 208.   During this session, parents will develop an understanding of how to interpret their child’s MAP results, have an opportunity to ask questions and learn how to use the data to support their child’s growth and development at home.   Please note, the NWEA MAPs test is one piece of the assessment mosaic teachers use at SCIS to measure student progress and determine a student’s areas of strength and areas for growth.

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) in the Lower School

At SCIS-Pudong we believe that professional development and collaboration is essential to building a strong curricular program focused on implementing research-based best practices across all subject areas and disciplines.  This past Monday all Lower School Teachers formed collaborative PLCs based upon their individual professional growth and evaluation goals set for this school year.  Over the course of the 2018-2019 school year these groups will meet regularly to participate in rich conversations, analyze student work, design and evaluate learning experiences and share effective instructional practices.  These team meetings will certainly provide a valuable forum for teachers to discuss and share the many ways that students can authentically develop the skills and dispositions necessary to be successful both in school and in life.  They will also help teachers reflect on their own practices and brainstorm ideas for ways to make learning even more meaningful and engaging.

Introducing the 2018-2019 Lower School Student Council Representatives

Congratulations to the below students who have been selected by their peers to be the Student Representatives for the Lower School.   Involvement in Student Council provides SCIS students with a unique leadership opportunity that allows them to have direct input into school operations and events. The Student Council will provide a forum to enhance student participation in the life of the school.  Members of the Student Council work in partnership with the administration, teachers, parents and lower school students.  The Lower School Advisor for this year is Ms. Cleo Peterson.

  • 3J: Jiwon Baek / Jonah Kachlic
  • 3K: Matilda Hellestam / Gabriel Correa
  • 4C: Julia Rando / Tate Valenza
  • 5P: Jesslyn Sandy / Benjamin Fan
  • 5R: Angelina Bu / Oscar Anthes

Counselor Connection

Mrs. Luebbe has recently added a new article to the Counselor Connection on the right side of this blog focused on the importance of assigning chores (jobs / responsibilities) to children at home.  Be sure to check it out!

Positive Discipline Parenting Workshop

The Positive Discipline Parenting Workshop for Mandarin-speaking parents has been a huge success.  15 Lower School parents have participated in the Saturday sessions and the feedback has been extremely positive.  Parents have learned research behind the positive discipline approach, as well as practical strategies for implementing positive discipline techniques at home.   We are in the process of arranging a workshop for English-speaking parents as well, and more information will be forthcoming regarding the start date for this series of workshops.

More Photos from a wonderful week of learning!

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