HoS Final Post, June 11, 2010

Dear Parents, Students, Faculty, and Friends,

It has been quite a year. And true to form, today was quite a unique goodbye. We held virtual assemblies and award ceremonies, doing our best to connect those in the building with those outside of Shanghai, and helping to build a sense of community.

While this year has no doubt been frustrating we take inspiration and gratitude from those around us.

Today in the hallways, there we many personal goodbyes between students and faculty members. Yet, for most of us, we will return on Monday for our Summer Program! So, even our goodbyes are quite unique this year. For many, it will be a few more weeks until we reunite. And for some – including myself – it will be our last year with SCIS and we must say goodbye.

On a personal and professional level, I want to thank our entire community for the experiences you have given Laurie and me. Additionally, our children have had the opportunity to be a part of the SCIS community. It is a feeling of gratitude that is impossible to put into words.

This year moreso than others, our faculty truly had to rise and and re-create themselves as professionals in the midst of adversity. I’m very proud of what we were able to accomplish in such a short period of time. My thanks (and our collective thanks) go out to all of them.

I also want to honor those faculty members who will be leaving SCIS Pudong this year. I trust that they take away many special memories, and experiences that will enhance their new school environments. We wish nothing but the best of luck the the following departing staff members, listed alphabetically, as they embrace their new adventures

  • Ms. Maitane Arruti
  • Ms. Brooke Bolden
  • Mrs. Tiffany Johnson
  • Mr. Steve Lawrence
  • Ms. Yang Liu
  • Mrs. Laurie Luebbe
  • Ms. Aleksa Moss
  • Ms. Deveor Rainey
  • Mr. Matt Ruf
  • Mrs. Whitney Ruf
  • Mr. Ethan Schultz
  • Mr. Michael Steele
  • Mr. Ian Sylvester
  • Ms. Emilee Vandelaarschot
  • Mr. Mat Walsh
  • Ms. Wendy Wen
  • Ms. Gina Zhang

And I would like to give a special bit of thanks and congratulations to two of our departing faculty members who are Golden Dragon (representing 8 or more years of service to SCIS). It is impossible to measure the impact that these two have had on the culture of SCIS. On behalf of faculty, parents, and students – past and present – thank you!

Ms. Karin Valenza (11 years)

Mr. Garret Newell (12 years)

As we say all the time, Once a Dragon, always a Dragon. We hope that all stay connected, united by our shared experiences.

Lastly, as we say goodbye and transition as a community, I share my thanks to David Mazer for organizing – and for all the families who contributed – to our End Of Year Goodbye Videos. Click the link to see (and hear) from those amongst us!

Warm regards and best wishes for continued success!

Go Dragons

Derek Luebbe
Head of School, SCIS Pudong

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