June 5, Head of School Updates

Dear Parents, Students, Faculty and Friends

With just one week left in our formal year, there are likely lots of unique, confusing, and sometimes conflicting thoughts that ending this year will bring. For the sake of your child’s well-being, my hope is that we can acknowledge these within ourselves and likely our child to see how we can be deal with the inevitable transition. School will end for some on next Friday – but not all. Our Summer Program will be heavily attended by students in all grade levels. This situation can be a confusing time for students regarding saying good bye and transitions.

  • Should I say goodbye on or before June 11?
  • Which of my friends and teachers will be here after June 11?
  • How can I acknowledge the challenges of this year and remember to express my gratitude to those who helped me through it – knowing full well that each of us experienced our own set of individual challenges as well.
  • How will I remember this year? How can I make sure that my perspective remains focused on growth?
  • And lastly, our youngest learners are returning to school for just a short period of time. How can we best help them understand all that is happening?

Our advice on all of this – as in any year – help take time to acknowledge special people in your life. While it certainly was a year full of challenges, and there is a tendency to want to simply forget and move on in the hopes that August will be entirely different, the reality is that it likely will not be. This is true whether you are staying in Shanghai or leaving.

Use these remaining days help your child bring closure to the year. Say thank you to those that supported you and made your experience better. Take the time – and learn the skill- of saying a proper goodbye to those who you will not see.

We are social creatures, and our experiences in time are rooted in social interactions. While we are in the midst of a pandemic caused by a virus, our experiences and memories of this situation will not be about medical facts. They will be tied to how we felt and how we connected with others.

All my best in making those connections meaningful as we wrap up the 2019-20 year.

Derek Luebbe
Head of School

LAST CHANCE: SCIS Community Video

Share a short video to say goodbye, share a memory, or share a story with the SCIS Community. We can accept submissions up to Sunday, May 7 at midnight. We will compile all the videos and share on our portal next week.

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