May 15, Head of School Update

Dear Parents, Students, Faculty and Friends,

This week we welcomed back grades 9 and 11. And, we look forward to Monday morning when we will add Grades 4-8.

During this time, we continue to function as a community with health and safety as our number one focus. To maintain the community’s commitment to safety, it means that each of us has a responsibility to monitor ourselves and be diligent about our environment.

Please read the important information below.

Wishing you and your family a safe and restful weekend.

Derek Luebbe
Head of School


Throughout this process, communication is a key component. Towards that end, I want to share with you a few updates and resources.

  • We created a Return to Campus (RTC) Parent Portal to share all of our videos, guidelines, and forms. In the last 24 hours, we updated this website with information about:
    • Shanghai Education Commission (SEC) requirements regarding children at school who have a fever, diarrhea or have vomited.
    • Requirements for families should your child exhibit any of these symptoms while outside school
    • Updated information on which Daily QR codes are accepted by SCIS. (We follow the SEC requirements for this process as well.)
  • On Tuesday, May 12, Ms. Gale, Dr. Volpe, and I led a Parent Informational Webinar to preview the Return to Campus process for parents and students in Grades 4-8. We recorded this webinar, and you can view it from our RTC Parent Portal
  • Yesterday, Ms. Gale led efforts to create a very helpful Welcome Back Video to preview our school day for parents and students who are returning on Monday. A similar video was shared by Dr. Volpe as well. This video is provides a great example to showcase that school may not look and feel the “same” as it did in January, it is still no less a learning community. Enjoy a look at life inside SCIS the past few days.

Summer School Announcement

We are pleased to announce the next steps in our Summer School Program. Please see the attached MS Word Summer School Information document for more information.

The deadline to sign up to express your interest in the program is May 22. Based upon registration and student interest, we will share more information about the specific programs being offered later in May, allowing you to confirm your spot in the Program by May 31.

If you have general questions about Summer School, please contact David Mazer at

Congratulations to our Seniors!

They spent this week engaged in their Final Exams and are looking forward to the proud feeling of successfully completing their high school experience. Congratulations everyone!

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