Head of School Update, February 28

Dear Parents, Students, Faculty, and Friends,

It is hard to believe that it has been five weeks since we last saw each other. The situation continues to challenge us, and hopefully bring out the best in our resourcefulness, perseverance, and empathy. I know that everyone in our community -faculty, students, and parents – are working extra hours to help support student learning. I remain appreciative, grateful… and tired. But we will come through this period as a stronger community, and as stronger individuals. My wife Laurie and I have already shared many discussions about how special and celebratory it will be when we are all able to be together again.

In the last few weeks, thanks to the feedback of teachers, parents, and students we continue to adjust our program to increase our opportunities for interaction. Teachers are increasing our use of features such as Live Learning sessions, online office hours, and virtual class meetings. We believe these methods increase learning and continue to foster the contentedness and relationships which make up our SCIS community, an increasingly important aspect as our time apart grows.

Today, all parents will receive another check-in survey from the Principal(s). We appreciate your input in helping us better understand and support students.

No matter where we are geographically located, this event has brought on new challenges that each of us must navigate. Our SCIS community provides an important opportunity to support one another.

I continue to refer everyone to our SCIS Parent FAQ webpage where you can review all of our COVID19 resources, information, and updates from SCIS Director of Schools, Dan Eschtruth – including today’s email update to all parents.

I ask for your continued patience as we proceed through this unique period in time.

Wishing you and your family health and safety.

Derek Luebbe
Head of School

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