Head of School Updates, November 8, 2019

Parent Outreach Program

We need your help making our SCIS Community even stronger.

You can help families who are new to Shanghai and/or SCIS have questions. If you are interested in being a resource for prospective and newly enrolled families, please take our short Parent Outreach Survey.

Even if it’s just occasionally answering emails from a prospective family from your home country, we believe your contribution would be a vital part of reinforcing our school community. In advance, thank you.

November Parent Focus Group

This past Thursday we had our second Parent Focus Group. We talked about the results of our monthly (October) Parent Satisfaction Survey. The theme of the focus group was parent/faculty alignment of beliefs. We had a great discussion about what SCIS does well and opportunities for improvement. Stay on the lookout for November’s survey where we will be asking you to vote on your topic for next month’s Focus Group.

David Mazer and I are grateful to have the opportunity to discuss various issues with parents. Feedback really does help us improve. While the discussion was focused on how parents and the school can foster stronger alignment of beliefs, there was significant overlap with areas of communication on general. The discussion allowed everyone to share strengths and potential areas for growth. The discussion brought up the following points.

  • WeChat can be a double-edged sword.
  • WeChat is an unofficial SCIS communication channel, and why it is that way.
  • There is a lot of information (great!) but lots of potential places for parents to go. Are there official places to look?
  • How can parents better support what is happening in the classroom at home?
  • Can parents navigate ManageBac to get teacher feedback on student work?

Open House November 30th

On November 30th, from 10:30AM – 12:00PM at our campus, we are having an Open House for prospective families interested in our school. The Open House is available for parents/students who do not currently attend SCIS. If you know of any parents who would like to join the Open House, please have them RSVP with David Mazer at dmazer@scis-china.org. Following the Open House will be our Winter Festival!

November 30: Save The Date !

November 30 will be a busy day at SCIS Pudong.

  • Early Childhood Education (ECE) Parenting Classes: 9:30-10:30. If you are an ECE parent at SCIS (or want to invite a non-SCIS parent), join us for short session of sharing and learning together about how to set up an appropriate environment for learning for children ages 2-5.
  • SCIS Open House: 11:00-12:00 Invite a family to come visit our campus. Take a tour. Meet with administrators, and then join us for our …
  • Winter Festival from 11:30 – 3:00 pm. This is a food, drink, and fun Festival. (See the flier below.) We will provide a bus sign-ups for families to attend.
  • And lastly, stay at SCIS for the 3:00 pm showcase! Our Upper School Musical, The Addams Family. Support our talented (and dedicated) Upper School students as they treat us to an afternoon musical performance in the auditorium.

I want to reach out with thank you to the parents who attended yesterday’s Principals Coffee meeting with Dr. Volpe and Ms. Gale on the topic of understanding MAP testing. I also want to say thank you to all the parents who came out to support the Grade 7 & 8 Arts Performances yesterday in the Black Box. The “theater in the round” concept was a great way to promote a cozy community feel. Our parents, students, and faculty provided a great audience for them to showcase their skills and creations. And, of course, a big thank you to our arts department for putting in all the pre-planning that goes into making an event like that so special.

As I write this on Friday afternoon, we wish our Upper School Model United Nations students the best of luck during this weekends Model UN Conference in Hangzhou. Model UN is a fantastic experience for students, and if parents wish to learn more they can contact Dr. Volpe, Ms. Shanks, or our coordinator Mr. Steele.

Wishing each of you a relaxing weekend.

Derek Luebbe
Head of School

With every purchase of the Epermarket Advent Calendar, a portion will be donated to Heart to Heart!

Upcoming Events:

  • Tuesday Nov. 12:
    • Varsity Boys Basketball vs YCIS, Home, 4:15pm
    • MS Boys Soccer Team Nicholaides @ YCIS, Away, 4pm
    • MS Boys Soccer Team Newell vs DCS 2, Home, 4pm
  • Saturday Nov. 16:
    • CISSA CRE Soccer, Boys @ SAS-PD, Girls @ Dulwich Suzhou
    • SSL Swim Meet #2
    • FLL Robotics Workshop, Concordia International School, 9am
    • Varsity Boys and Girls Basketball @ Concordia, 10am
  • November 30: Winter Festival… and so much more

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