Head of School Updates, September 20, 2019

Dear Parents, Students, Faculty, and Friends.

A fantastic day for SCIS as we celebrated the United Nations International Day of Peace (UNIDOP) assembly. It was so great to see so many parents – joining with our faculty and students – to recognize and appreciate the special opportunity we have at SCIS Pudong.

The United Nations’ International Day of Peace day was established in 1982 to promote peace and diversity around the world. Our community recognized the importance of celebrating this day to honor its multicultural student body, made up of over 50 different nationalities. We were inspired by words from Model United Nations representative, senior Thalia Chelouche.

And, of course, we celebrated with our parade of nations which showcased students, parents, and faculty from all over the world. We are so fortunate to have our SCIS community; while we all learn math and reading, we do so in an environment that is continually exposing each of us to perspectives, opinions, and ways of thinking that broaden our perspective of our world. The United Nations was created to help solve some of the world’s global challenges that crossed national boundaries. I can think of no environment better than SCIS to highlight the importance and opportunity each of us have.

Again, a big thank you to the parents who were able to attend. Our community is truly a community when we come together to celebrate and share experiences.

Speaking of thank yous, I want to give a big thank you to our PAFA representatives and all the Pudong Parents who attended Thursday’s PAFA Social at Kathleen’s Waitan. PAFA groups from our Hongqiao and Pudong Campus combined to put together a fantastic event. (Some photos of the night are shared below.)

Lastly, as many of you know, next week will be a unique one for SCIS as our Upper School students and faculty will be traveling to various cities within China for the entire week as a part of our China Go trips. A special thanks to our China Go organizer, Vic Caban and to each of the teams of faculty members who put in the time to prepare a meaningful experience for our students. Join me in wishing each of these grades a memorable experience.

Wishing each of you a relaxing weekend.


Derek Luebbe
Head of School


Photos from our PAFA Night at Kathleen’s Waitan

Upcoming Events

  • Monday Sep. 23 – Friday Sep. 27, Upper School China Go! Trip Week

Photos From Around Campus


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