Head of School Updates, August 30, 2019

Dear Parents, Students, Faculty and Friends,

With so much happening, it was a fast week.
It was only a week ago when we celebrated as a community during our Welcome Back BBQ. I want to extend a big thank you to all the families that came out to celebrate our SCIS Community. (I also want to thank Mother Nature for stopping the rain at just the right time.)
Our Welcome Back BBQ is a perfect way to start our year together, celebrate the diversity of SCIS, and get to know each other.
We captured a few of the memories of the day in the photos below.

Additionally, this Thursday, our Back To School Night was well attended. It provides the foundation for building a strong relationship between school and home. Three important take-aways from the night:

  1. Lower School parents need to ensure that they are on SeeSaw.
  2. Upper School parents should sit down with their child at least one time per week with ManageBac open to understand work (past and future), and reflect on teacher feedback.
  3. All students and parents are encouraged to communicate with the child’s teacher. We all want this to be a successful year for each child, and that is far more likely when we communicate.

Since the Back To School Night is our last “welcome” event, I will close by re-sharing my goals for a successful year.

  1. Each child is challenged.
  2. Each child is supported in that challenge.
  3. Each child is appreciated for who they are as an individual.

That’s our challenge as a school – and I hope those are goals which you can support at home as well.

I wish you and your family a relaxing weekend.


Derek Luebbe
Head of School

PAFA Updates

All parents are invited to the PAFA General Meeting on Tuesday, September 3 at 10:30 in Room 208.
You can learn more about upcoming PAFA events via the PAFA Post.

And, all parents are invited to a special PAFA Parent Social night out on September 19th. This event is a sponsored by the PAFA from SCIS Pudong and SCIS Hongqiao. It plans to be a fun night of relaxation, food, and drink. Busing will be provided. For more information contact Vanessa Thomas at pdpafa.president@scis-china.org .

SCIS Dragon Cup Volleyball – Saturday @ Pudong

Come out and cheer our Boys and Girls Varsity Volleyball Teams in action on Saturday as we SCIS Pudong hosts the Dragon Cup Invitational.

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday, August 31, Dragon Cup Varsity Volleyball @ SCIS Pudong
  • Monday Sep. 2 to Sep. 5, US NWEA-MAP Testing
  • Tuesday, Sep. 3:
    • PAFA General Meeting, 10am
    • JV Boys Volleyball @ YCIS PD, 4:15pm
    • JV Girls Volleyball vs YCIS PD @ Home, 4:15pm
  • Wednesday, Sep. 4:
    • Varsity Boys Volleyball @ WCIS, 4:15pm
    • Varsity Girls Volleyball vs WCIS @ Home, 4:15pm

Photos From Around Campus

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