Head of School Updates, May 3 2019

Dear Parents, Students, Faculty and Friends,

Initially, a big thank you to our entire SCIS Community in celebration of last weekend’s International Food Festival. It was a fantastic day to be Dragon, showcasing 46 nationalities in food, song, dance, and festivities. Thankfully, the weather cooperated as well. Take a look at the photos below to relive just a few of the highlights – and check out the Fantastic Parents WeChat group to see so many more!

The end of year approaching fast. And, it is with a great deal of pride and sorrow that I announce that today was the last day of full classes for our seniors, the the SCIS graduating class or 2019! As both an educational leader and parent of a 12th grader, I’m proud to call these young adults SCIS graduates. As you may know, the next few weeks the Seniors will be engaged in their IB exams – the culmination of 2 years of work in each of their classes. We wish them well on their exams. Their success is a testament to not only the 12th grade teachers but the effort and passion of all of our entire faculty and the school community that supports them. I invite you to mark the date of our graduation on May 30 to celebrate their accomplishments.

Today also marked a major milestone for our Grade 5 students – the PYP Exhibition. Groups of 5th Graders worked with mentors over the last few months to explore and take action on topic of choice. Students, teachers, and visiting parents each visited the groups, allowing them to share their understanding, answer questions, and take action to help improve our school community.

Today, we also held an afternoon informational session for parents of 5th Graders in preparation for the upcoming 6th Grade year. The presentation was entitled “A Transition to the MYP”. A special thank you to Dr. Volpe for leading the session. If anyone was unable to attend, and wants to ask questions about the MYP, please contact Dr. Volpe.

Lastly, I want share a personally inspirational experience. Over the last four days, twenty-five leaders in the SCIS faculty from each campus in Shanghai took part in the Adaptive Schools Training. The training was led by Kendall Zoller, and helps us explore the strategies, skill sets, and research behind developing more effective schools. As a learning organization, these are the shared experiences that continually push us to be better. As always, the end result of our efforts will be the students. Listening and learning from my colleagues, I leave the experience with Kendall more committed than ever to the idea that SCIS is an adaptive school, focused on supporting students.

With so much happening, I know I will enjoy a restful weekend. I wish the same for you and your family.

Derek Luebbe

Upcoming Events:

Monday, May 6 to Friday May 10, IB Exam

Tuesday May 7, MS Girls Basketball @ Wellington, 4pm-5pm


  • MS Boys Basketball White @ Wellington, 4pm-5pm
  • MS Boys Basketball Green vs LFS-PD, Home, 4pm-5pm


PAFA General Meeting, Tuesday May 14th at 10:00 am

Our PYP Exhibition, 5th Graders in Action!
Kendall Zoller our Adaptive Schools workshop

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