Head of School Updates, January 11 2019

Dear Parents, Students, Faculty, and Friends,

Welcome to the New Year. It was great to see the excitement of (most!) students as they returned to SCIS to kick off 2019.

I hope that each of you had a relaxing break, and are re-charged and ready to enjoy the opportunities that lie ahead in the New Year.

I am actually writing to you today from Bangkok (more on that later), but I spent the first two days back on campus – and the energy and smiles made the day a memorable one.

Our school community continues to grow. We welcomed 39 new students into the SCIS family, bringing our total enrollment to 420. We’re glad to see the growth, and continue to be thankful for the support of our parents in sharing what makes us special. 

We are humbled to be given the opportunity to work with such a diverse group of families, in support of making a difference in the lives of children. We have much more to accomplish this year, and we look forward to your input.

Positive Discipline

I want to give a special shout-out to all the parents who signed up to learn more about Positive Discipline. These workshops are taking place every Thursday this month, and provide valuable strategies for parents. In short, these are strategies aimed at a discipline approach which is logical and builds children’s skills in solving social and emotional challenges instead of relying entirely on carrot/stick consequences (good or bad). Positive Discipline is our philosophical foundation for how we help students build skills; We’d love to share that philosophy with more parents so that students are able to build deeper skills. I know that during the first semester, our Positive Discipline Parent Group was a great success. I’m hopeful that the group of parents involved in January will feel the same. I encourage all parents to become more familiar with this approach, and consider joining an SCIS group. If you are interested, reach out to Liz Gale (egale@scis-china.org) to learn more information.

Teacher Recruitment

Currently, I am writing from Bangkok ,Thailand where I am attending a Teacher Recruitment Fair.  Because our school is growing, we are picking up additional teachers to keep pace with the growth. The fairs are quite interesting places, where over 500 teachers gather to look for positions at over 140 schools.  As you can imagine, there are a lot of factors that go into a teacher’s decision about where to take their next positions. It’s safe to say that SCIS has a very positive reputation internationally, and because of that we are able to attract some of the best teachers in the world. Time and time again, the network of teachers know that SCIS is a place where they will find a diverse international community and be a part of a collaborative team that is committed to growing professionally within the 3-IB Programs.

Substitute Teachers Needed

Parents, we could use your help. If you, or someone you know, would be interested in substitute teaching, we would love to add names to our list of potential substitutes. Our list of high-quality substitutes is getting shorter, and we would love to help train and support individuals who may be interested. If you are interested in earning some additional money and want to learn more about our substitute roles, reach out to Naomi Shanks at nshanks@scis-china.org

Welcome back once again.   I wish you a great start to 2019.


Derek Luebbe
Head of School

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