Head of School Updates, December 14 2018

Dear Parents, Students, Faculty, and Friends

Semester One officially ended today, and it is always a bittersweet experience. The excitement of vacation lies directly ahead of everyone, but we also acknowledge that 20 SCIS Dragons will say goodbye to start new adventures. This is one of the realities of living in an international community, and I’m so proud of the way all of our students step up and are able to share their feelings – a difficult skill indeed. During our Upper School Assembly, Counselor, Maja Kelly talked about the need to build a transition “RAFT”: 

R- Reconcilation
A – Affirmation
F- Farewell
T- Think Destination

The RAFT process is important for students and families – whether you are staying or going. The premise behind the RAFT strategy is that we sometimes limit our effectiveness in our new destination if we have not resolved and brought healthy closure to our past relationships. Whether that means expressing the feelings to a close friend or trying to resolve past problems, leaving on the right foot is an important. I’m proud of our school and students for sharing these skills with students, when so often it is easier to build habits of avoidance. You can learn more about the RAFT process here.

When we return in 2019, we will welcome close to 35 new students into SCIS, and I’m sure our current students will show the same sense of maturity in welcoming them into the SCIS family.

Parents and students at the PS-PK Learning Celebration

This week, we had a number of Learning Celebrations and special events to celebrate the completion of our first half. Some special recognition goes out to our PS/PK teachers and parents who showcased their students’ work within a Learning Celebration that was extremely well attended by all the parents. It was great to see such a huge turnout for the BlackBox event. It’s the type of experience that not only builds our community but provides a more authentic learning experience for our students.  You can see a number of photos from that event below.

Holiday songs welcome students this morning.

Along with that, today the Upper School celebrated with morning holiday songs, an international breakfast, and a celebratory assembly of first semester accomplishments to recap the year thus far.



As a reminder, students start school Monday, January 7th.  I’m sure we are looking forward to the next couple of weeks of vacation, and I hope to see everyone back fresh and re-charged for a productive 2nd Semester.

Best wishes to all within our community for a safe and restful vacation with family and friends.

Go Dragons,
Derek Luebbe
Head of School

Photos From Around Campus





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