Head of School Updates, Sep. 7 2018

PAFA meeting, Sept. 4

Dear Parents, Students, Faculty and Friends,

As we roll into September, the Upper School is preparing for their China Go Trips – where each grade level spends a week in various cities around China. It’s  great way for students and faculty to bond as they experience different parts of this wonderful country and contribute to a variety of different service projects.

Our PAFA representatives met last week to kick off the year. During the meeting, I shared an initiative that we are looking to implement this year to provide more opportunities for PAFA and the faculty to work together to give our students even more opportunities to experience all that our community has to offer. More information on our initiative is provided below.

Our school continues to welcome new families. As is always the case each year, a few families join us in late August and early September due to travel issues. Our enrollment stands at 405 and continues to grow. I’m ever-appreciative of the “SCIS Fantastic Parents” (literally and figuratively) who make their transition to our community a smooth one. It’s a simple way we showcase as Dragon Spirit – knowing that at one point or another, we were each the new family joining this community.

I wish each of you a relaxing weekend.

Go Dragons,
Derek Luebbe

Increasing Opportunities for Students By Strengthening the PAFA / School Connection

In collaboration with PAFA President Vanessa Thomas, and as we shared in the Sept 4 PAFA meeting, we are pleased to introduce a new initiative aiming to better link our community with experiences that benefit our students. The goal is quite simple: Improve our students’ experience by providing an easy communication platform to allow the school to request potential areas for community involvement, and use that same platform to allow parents to recommend and volunteer potential community resources that may enrich the students’ experience.

Our initial brainstorm involves the creation of a dynamic list of opportunities to get involved. We expect this list to change as the year progresses. While each of these activities may not ultimately take place, we hope that by sharing the initiative, we recognize even more potential areas which can support students.

Research shows that students benefit from the development of an involved parent community, and our goal is to provide increased opportunities for that to take place at SCIS.

Please have a look at the list we have developed thus far.

SCIS Pudong PAFA Parent Volunteer Initiative 2018

We will post a link permanently on the right hand menu of this Head of School blog. You can check it for updates throughout the year.

If you are interested in volunteering your time, energy or experience in one of these areas – of if you have other ideas – please reach out to Vanessa Thomas (pdpafa.president@scis-china.org ) or Laurie Luebbe (lluebbe@scis-china.org )

Lice Reminder

As the blog post from September 6 stated, we did have a few cases of lice noticed by our school nurse yesterday. Please re-read that post if you missed it.

Swimming at SCIS

Two  different messages regarding SCIS swimming are shared below.

Did you know that SCIS has Saturday Swimming? SCIS has partnered with Multi-Sport Swim to provide weekend swim sessions for a variety of ages and abilities. If you are interested in learning more about this program, contact Multi-Sport Swim Coordinator, Dale Johnson Dale Johnson at djohnson@multisport.com.cn

To all of our Swim Team families, please check your SCIS parent email for info on this year’s swimming program. If your child is currently not a member of the SCIS Swim Team, but would like to be, please contact a member of our Swim Team staff:

LS Head Coach: Tarsi Bali tbali@scis-china.org
MS Head Coach: Larissa Mount lmount@scis-china.org
HS Head Coach: Oscar Wu owu@scis-china.org

Practice Evacuation Drills

Last week, students participated in two practice evacuation drills. One of the drills is announced and one is unannounced. The drills allow us to practice our evacuation procedures in case there was a real emergency such as a fire.

The students and staff were very attentive to details and the drills went well. In subsequent weeks, we will practice our drill for an Intruder Alert.

Drills such as these are one way to ensure we’re aiming to keep students safe. Let’s hope we never need to use them in a real situation.

Pork Product to be temporarily removed from SCIS Lunch Menu

You have have seen this message on our cafeteria page, but I felt it’s wise to share it here as well.

Due to the outbreak of African Swine Flu within China, we will temporarily remove pork products from our menu options at all SCIS cafeterias and cafes. While we are aware that this strain of flu is not harmful to humans, we choose to be proactive with this measure as we also recognize there will likely be a disruption in our supply. We will continue to monitor the situation and will update this page once we are cleared re-introduce it back into our menus. For any questions about this or other matters please email Byron at byron@kaijun-food.com

Photos From Around SCIS

Ms. Rainey led an awesome exhibition of rhythm at the latest LS Assembly

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