HoS Update Oct 31 (Happy Halloween!)

Dear Parents,

Having just returned from the EARCOS Leadership Conference in Bangkok, I unfortunately missed two big events on the SCIS calendar:

Newly painted playground lines

Parent Teacher Conferences and our Halloween celebration. Thanks to social media, I was able to get a virtual experience of the events.

Our Parent-Teacher Conferences provide opportunities for you to engage in dialogue with your child’s teacher to better support learning.  We appreciate hearing your opinion on how these conferences can be improved. Please take a moment to share your feedback on the Lower School and/or Upper School Conferences.

Both days require a good deal of planning, and my thanks go out to all the faculty and parents who were a part of the preparation and set-up to make the events a success. 

Our community joins in celebrating Halloween.


In addition to Halloween, the last few weeks have seen numerous examples of the fantastic ways that parents have added value to our students’ experience. These are great ways that SCIS is truly a community school, celebrating and learning from our diversity.

Parent Booster Club helped support (and feed!) all the athletes during the recent ACAMIS Volleyball Tournament held at SCIS.
Parents help celebrate Diwali, the Indian Celebration of Lights” by creating a masterpiece in the main lobby as 3rd graders observe.




A Diwali masterpiece!
A big thank you to our parents!
Celebrating Mexico’s Day of the Dead. (Thanks to Mrs. Chiu!)

SCIS Represents at EARCOS Leadership Conference

As I shared earlier, I recently attended the EARCOS Regional Leadership Conference, a gathering of close to 200 schools from the Asian region. This year, Lower School Principal Liz Gale joined me. It’s a great event to learn, grow, and recognize so many of the special elements we already have here at SCIS.  We both left EARCOS with some great ideas for potential growth along

Lower School Principal Liz Gale, presenting at the Bangkok EARCOS Conference

with an affirmation of the special community we have. A special congratulations go out to Ms. Gale as she was also a presenter at the conference, leading a session attended by 25 education leaders entitled “Elevating Inquiry through the Readers / Writers Workshop”.


A Picture (Movie) is Worth a 1000 Words

Lastly, I will leave you with a great video produced by the Grade 1M class. Ms. Myers and the class shared it at the recent Lower School assembly, but it captures the philosophy of learning at SCIS, helping students  learn in authentic settings, valuing mistakes as part of learning, and recognizing the real learning is social – created together and shared for a purpose.  Enjoy this link to view the movie on Youku.


Results from Two Parent Surveys: Swimming and PureLiving Town Hall Meeting

Thank you to the parents who completed our two recent surveys. Here are the results.

  • Weekend Swimming: We do feel that we have enough initial interest to try to begin a weekend swim program. You can expect to hear more about the details of the program in the next few weeks. If you have questions, contact Vic Caban at vcaban@scischina.org
  • Air Quality Town Hall with PureLiving: Based on survey results, an over-whelming majority wanted this Town Hall meeting to take place during a regularly scheduled parent event. We have scheduled the informational and Q&A session to coincide with the upcoming PAFA meeting at 10:00 am. The PureLiving Town Hall will begin at 11:00 am on Tuesday Nov. 7.  Parents are encouraged to attend and learn more about methods to monitor and improve air quality in the school and the home.

Better Communication at SCIS is Just a Click Away


As a reminder, this blog is just one of the ways to stay in touch with all that is happening within the SCIS Community. We have a number of additional ways to connect that are just a quick scanned QR Code away!

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