Hello, SCIS Pudong Community!

Hello SCIS Pudong Community,

Welcome to the test-drive of our new Head of School blog. Last year, we published a monthly Head of School Newsletter to help keep parents updated. Now we plan to continue the monthly format – and more!  This blog will be posted each month to highlight happenings at SCIS. And, we will also post some other news and photos along the way.

This blog idea is the result of a yearlong Communication Task Force which was completed last year. The Task Force included multiple meetings of student, teachers, administrators, and parents to try to better streamline our communication efforts for the school community. The HoS Blog is one result, but we have more to follow in the near future. Stay on lookout this semester for other improvements:

  • increased use of WeChat through the development of a new account
  • a new SCIS website with a more personalized communication portal for you to customize the information you want to receive
  • the development of the SeeSaw website and phone app to facilitate communication in the Lower School through digital student portfolios, classroom communication, and personal communication with your child’s teacher. Lower School Principal Liz Gale has emailed information to all Lower School parents’ SCIS email addresses already on August 30. (If you have a Lower School child and you did not receive this email, contact Barry Johnson at bjohnson@scis-china.org )
  • the development of increased feedback for Upper School students and parents within ManageBac

We hope that this blog format is an improvement compared to the previous PDF newsletters. The rationale for the change includes:

  • Blogs offer one-stop shopping for information. If parents can’t recall a specific piece of information, they no longer have to open up multiple PDF documents to try to find it; they can simply search or scroll through one blog to find it.
  • Increased efficiency in posting due to ease and flexibility of formatting.
  • Occasional mistakes or changes can be easily corrected. The newest version is always online with any corrections clearly noted.
  • Parents have the choice to follow a blog, and therefore be alerted when new information is shared – if they desire.
  • Blogs, rather than emails, provide a better balance between updating parents with current information versus potentially overloading them with information in their inbox.  Those that choose to follow frequent updates can. Those who choose to wait for the end of the month can continue to receive an email with a summary of campus information.

As we continue with this experiment, we’d like to hear your thoughts. How does this better communication? What new problems does it bring?  Your feedback helps us improve.

Yours in the hopes of improved communication,

Derek Luebbe
Head of School, SCIS Pudong

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