Commercial Photography Task 1

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ISO test

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Commercial Photo task 1


For my commercial task 1 I chose doors

Commercial Photography task 1

For my Commercial Photography I chose Trash cans.

My Favorite Photographer

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Favorite Photographer- Gervásio Baptista

Gervásio Baptista

The Bahian photographer became known for his extensive work with photojournalism and was responsible for the registration of some of the most important events of the world and Brazilian history. Among the recorded episodes are the burial of Getulio Vargas , striking episodes of the military dictatorship and the official photo of Tancredo Neves.

He started in journalism at the age of eleven, photographing as an assistant to the newspaper The State of Bahia.

As official photographer of the contests Miss Brazil and Miss Universe , Gervasio traveled the world to portray the beauty of Brazilian women in the golden period of these events . Photographed Fidel Castro , Che Guevara and made a distinguished record of the Cuban Revolution . Also gave his reading of the Carnation Revolution in Portugal . He followed and recorded the fall of Argentine President Juan Perón and was in Saigon , to register the Vietnam War .

During the dictatorship , he had several stints in prison. On such occasions divided cell with the former governor of Pernambuco, Miguel Arraes and the lawyer and political activist Francisco Juliao , founder of the Peasant League , among others.

To conclude this,

Gervásio Baptista was and is the biggest photographer that Brazil has ever had by the fact of taken some of the most historic pictures in history. Gervásio had a really good eye for pictures which wouldn’t just look like one more normal picture to add to the collection, he liked pictures which inside would have a certain meaning so one day someone would be able to tell their stories, and the pictures would complete their stories.

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In this picture we see two legends of the Brazilian soccer team practicing to win the World Cup.

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New York, Jose Sarney receives a visit from the president of Cuba, Fidel Castro. This picture was quite surprising because of the fact of Brasil and Cuba contacting each other, so when Fidel Castro and Jose Sarney met, it surprised everyone that heard about it.

West Bund








Exhibition Review

Ian Berry was born in England. He made his reputation in South Africa, where he worked for Daily Mail and later for Drum magazine. He was the only photographer in Sharpeville to witness a peaceful protest go full on violent.  Berry joined Magnum in the 1960s and for the exhibition he worked in South Africa starting in the 1960’s.

fit350x1200-194x300 I think the message in this photo is that music can take you away put you in a different place and music can take away the pain or sadness you may feel after something inside you has been broken. I also think this picture shows what the world is doing to itself, taking people out of there homes and leaving them with nothing but a husk of a building and a guitar.


Bruno Barbey was born in Morocco where he spent his childhood amid a “mixture of sensations, smells, colors, and sounds that steeped his perceptions” and where, says Barbey, “the color and light is unique.”  He describes himself as shying away from news scoops, but never missing an opportunity to witness history. Barbey joined Magnum in the 1960’s. In 1966 Barbey went to Brazil as a photographer to capture things for Magnum. Bruno Barbey served as Magnum’s vice president in Europe from 1978 to 1979, and also served as President of Magnum international from 1992-1995.

Unknown-1 The message in this photo is that the soldiers are tired of war and everything that comes with it. The fires symbolizes humanity burning down because of what we do to one another and how we treat each other. The photo also symbolizes togetherness. Even in the darkest of hours your friends will stand by you even if it means war.


Photographic illusion

In these photographic illusion photos we tried to make the wall look like the ground and the ground look like the wall. These photos are made by Elin and NaYun.


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Photographic Illusion

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