The First 10 days

Our First few days will be about establishing a community of respect.

First let’s get to know each other!

to trust each other and ourselves?  These will include Trust Falls and Blind Trust Walks.  We will also focus on our sensory skills.

Day 1)  NAME games – this can be done both my rote memorization and/or through context clues.  You will also have your first assignment – the ME COLLAGE.

Day 2-3)  GET TO KNOW YOU activities:  we will do several activities to learn about each other.  This builds up to creating characters later in the semester.  First we learn about ourselves, then each other, then our characters.

Day 3-5)  CREATIVE DRAMATICS & IMPROVISATION:  Students will begin to work in groups to create products for others to watch.  The focus will be in the process rather than the product and the goal will be to work together in creative ways.

Day 5-6)  TRUST activities:  Our ability to work with each other will greatly depend on our level of trust.  How do we develop our ability

Day 6-8)  ENSEMBLE BUILDING:  Now that we have a solid foundation of trust between classmates let’s see how we can work together as a team to extend our creativity!

Day 9-10)  ME COLLAGE project presentation.  Theatre is the art of telling a story.  The first story we will tell is the story of ourselves.  Students will create a physical metaphor of who they are and present it to the class.