7th Grade Theatre Arts Curriculum Map


Grade 7 Theatre Arts Curriculum Map

Students will continue to work with the elements and principals of Theatre with a strong focus placed on creativity and working as part of an ensemble. Students will develop their creativity through improvisation, script writing, and performing scenes in a variety of genres.   Emphasis will be placed on the learning of technical skills through an understanding of theatrical elements and principles. Students will be encouraged to be creative and develop their ability to solve and resolve artistic problems. Students will develop communication skills through a critical inquiry of their own work, that of their classmates, as well artists and genres which will be studied in the Theatre history component of the course. Confidence will also be developed as students express ideas about the direction of their work.


Unit Time Line Essential Questions Unit


Summative Assessments
Community of Respect & Creativity


Building Ensemble


Elements of Theatre

Aug.- Sept.





How do individuals work as an ensemble to create theatrical work?

How do we foster creativity to express ourselves and tell our stories?

How do we tell our stories through the use of Theatrical Elements?


Students will be able to work as individuals, small groups, & large groups to create performances.

Students will be able to tell stories through the use of their voice and bodies.

Students will be able to respect the work of others as both an audience and performer.

Students will be able to verbalize and demonstrate theatrical skills used in the rehearsal and performance of dramatic works.

In Class Presentations

Written & Oral Assessments

Oral Presentation/reflection


Improvisation & Pantomime







How can one express mood/expression and tell stories without the use of words?


Students will be able create scenes using only their bodies, faces, and hands w/out the use of props or spoken dialogue. In Class Presentation & Performance


Script Creation & Writing Oct.-Nov.





What is the nature of dramatic structure?

How do we create structured scripts to tell a story?

What are the specific elements of a script?

Students will be able to create scripts based on different sources of stimulus. Written Scripts

In Class Performances

Page to Stage Nov.-Dec.





How do we take a written script and turn it into a performance?

What are the specific theatrical elements that are part of the rehearsal process?

Students will be able to analyze a script and infer meaning from the dialogue.

Students will be able to function as actor, director, playwright, and other positions within the theatrical rehearsal process.

In Class Performance